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Ashley's Review: Lights Out (Fear Street #12) by R.L Stine

Lights Out (Fear Street, #12)
Lights Out (Fear Street #12) by R.L Stine
Publication Date: July 1st 1991
Genre: Young Horror
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought

Something is very wrong at Camp Nightwing, and junior counsellor Holly Flynn is determined to solve the mystery before it destroys the camp.

The trouble begins with frightening acts of vandalism. After each, a red feather is left behind - signature of the culprit.

Suddenly, one of the counsellors is dead. 'An accident,' say the police. But Holly knows better - and she knows she's next. Holly can't trust anyone now, not even her best friend, as she stalks the camp killer - and hopes that it soon won't be 'lights out' for her!

~My Thoughts~

Lights out was a bleh read for me. I was excited about the summary and ready to dive into it but as I got deeper into the storyline my interest started to dwindle. The reason behind that is that the counsellor took forever to die! Forever! It happened in like the third quarter of the book! From the way the blurb sounds it happens pretty quickly, however it doesn’t. Most of the book is build up to the murder and what a bleh ending it was (though how the counsellor got murdered was defiantly a creepy one).
If you follow the hints (which is so easy and simple to do) you’ll see who the bad guy is a mile away. That’s not the only bummer, the reason behind this person’s revenge was so cliché (but what can you expect) and you can sniff I out in a heartbeat. Not really one of R.L Stines best and it doesn’t help that it takes place away from Fear Street.
Overall, some things were interesting and a bit of a shock on how mean some of these characters were. However once I finished the last page I just felt bleh, I wasn’t really impressed. But at least it was short, haha.

Gives you a good haunting
Sweet Readings Everybody!

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