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Wasted Money and Unprofessionalism Sucks!

So my Goodreads friend Diantha posted this blog entry, M.E.Monday RANT #39–Unprofessional People Can Bite It!, two days ago and it caught my interest. Why? Because I sadly had to go through it myself too. Though these two situations involve two different people. The person she had a problem with I'm actually quite surprised because it's someone very known in the blogging community. I've even helped spread the word for tours she was hosting and she always seemed nice. Sadly, not all nice people have enough professionalism I see.

Diantha got duped on quite a few bookmark designs and me, well I got duped on a month long blog tour! So not only did I lose money but my tour host left 24 bloggers hanging (3 blogs that signed up were hers). Yeah, crazy right! I knew the cheapest one I found was going to be too good to be true.

I spent $50 bucks on four weeks and now it’s supposed to be time for the tour. Yet Catie @ Forbidden Passions Reviews has fallen off the face of the earth. I haven't heard from her since early last month. I'm so pissed off, I want to cuss her out but someone here has to be the bigger person.

Okay so not only did it not start yesterday but I was also postponed a month back. My tour was originally scheduled to start in August. But I guess for some reason she just couldn't get enough bloggers. Even though I gave her two months to get 30 blogs in the first place! And it's not like I sat around, I helped spread the word. On my blog, on twitter, Facebook, and even on Goodreads. So it's not like I sat on my ass. But, why was she when she’s the one I paid to put this all together (I'm not saying it's easy but come on, y'all).

I'm not insensitive, when she asked to postponed the first thing I thought was something big happened in her life. Cause we've all been there, right? But she told me no, nothing was wrong. She just needed bloggers. No offense to the bloggers that host our authors tours but can it really be that hard to find 30 bloggers in 2 months? I feel like the answer is no.

So yeah, I'm fucking pissed!! Mostly about the losing the money part. I sadly don't have a job right now (thankfully seasonal work is coming up, so I might have luck there). I've got side jobs but that's not enough, it never is. So it's not like I can easily earn it back and feel like I haven’t been ripped off. But since I don't, every penny counts. Now, because of the timing, I can't pay any other tour host (even though I'm very reluctant to do so now. There's always that one bad apple). I'm saving to pay for little car damage and I'm saving money so when November comes around I can go see my man. He's asked me to The Marine Corps Birthday Ball and this maybe my only chance to see him in a year since he's finishing up his training. So, now you see why I can't spend any money, at least not easily.

I just can't believe this. I'm speechless and completely furious! How can people do this? Like I said, not only did she leave me hanging and ripped off but she left 24 bloggers in the dust too. They all got the book, so they've all read it but now because of this so called blog tour they can't do anything but sit and wait for Catie the host. So this pisses me off even more!

But don't worry bloggers, if you'd like to be a part of the tour still you'll be glad to know that I'll be hosting it this time.

Oh, last thing before I move onto tour talk. If you ever go to Catie's website and see my recommendation. Ignore the fuck out of it! Please! She hasn't even been on her blogs since last month anyways. I knew in my heart I shouldn't have given it to her (we were slowly starting to lose our communication). Next time, I'll go with my gut. Though out of all of this I'm glad I didn't lose all $75 I gave to her. Though I wished she did the tour first and I would have only lost $25, that lost doesn't hurt too much (the $25 was for my trailer reveal).

All I've got to say is this, I'm very reluctant now. And they always say there's a reason for everything, yeah well, there better be a damn good reason for it (I think I know the reason but until then, we'll just have to see y'all).
Now onto the tour talk. My book is only but 30 pages and it's perfect for Halloween (which is coming up very soon ;)). If you don't feel like reviewing but would love to help out, well don't worry, we've got fun stuff for you too! Guest posts, Interviews, Excerpts, Top Five Facts, Book Spotlights, and Giveaways. Choose your pickings y'all.
The tour will be between October 1st to October 31st. I hope to see lots of you guys sign up!
The Book~
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1)
When she finds her boyfriend shackled to a white metal table Ashley feared for the worse.

On a small trip of dropping off a package for Jason’s father, the young couple never thought they would be running for their lives. Running away from supposedly friends whom in turned to be a family of harvesters.

Human harvesters and they are looking for something specific. And Ashley just might be the perfect match for that something.

~Reviewers Quotes~
"The Harvesters is the first in a new short story horror series. Even though it is less than 30 pages, don't let that fool you. This story packs a punch."
-Tiffany @ Book Cover Justice
T"he Harvesters is relentless and you land right in the thick of it from the get go."
-Laura @ Fuonlyknew
"Why should you read The Harvesters?
1. Less than 30 pages. Something everyone can easily read in one pull.
2. It's a horror short story. Horror. Yes. Even though not my usual genre, I quite liked it. Though, I must warn you not to read this at night.
3. Dual point of views. Score! I almost always love when there's more than one point of view (as long as authors don't go crazy with more than five of them or something, which was not the case in The Harvesters because it had two).
4. Male POV. One of the two narrators was Jason and I pretty much always like male point of views. So great!
5. Action! There was A LOT of action. I loved it. A feel like a good book, especially with horror, has to have a action at least.
5. Killer cliffhanger. I have a huge love/hate relationship with cliffhangers. But I liked this one. Very nicely done!"
-Stephanie @ Bookfever
"Ashley Hill is off to a promising start in her writing career. The Harvesters is a thrilling, suspenseful read, and at less than thirty pages, her tale pays homage to the almost lost art of the short story. Nicely done!"
-Author Sophia Jones
If you're interested and wondering what they are all raving about, then sign up right here!
It's the first in a series and I hope you guys will come join me in the fun! :)

The form link:


Thanks so much you guys! And I hope this Unprofessionalism doesn't become a trend.
If you gotten hurt like this before, I'm truly sorry that it happened to you!

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