Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm a Graduate and Engaged!!!

Yes, on June 7th at 12:30 pm I graduated the Manicuring program at Marinello Schools of Beauty in front of my friends and family, which included my Marine boyfriend who was able to get leave to watch me clock out for the very last time!! *squeal* I was so excited to get the hell out of there! One word for that particular Marinello: ghetto! 

There was no leadership, no organization, no care in the world and they bought the cheapest stuff they could get because they were always "broke". Yet the cosmos are paying 21,000 and I was paying like 500 a month for my four month training. Sadly, at first sight the place looks like a fun place to be but the longer you're there the more you see the cracks beginning to shatter. Everyone had attitudes, no one smiled, and overall it was like being in high school all over again. What do you expect when you're surrounded by women and it's run by a women who plays favoritism, who hires only her best friends even though she promised the best worker there a job for three months yet gives it to someone just as incapable as she is. Seriously these people were like chickens running around with there heads cut off, especially when it came to the manicuring program.

Found out too late that they just started this program back in October, last year! If I'd knew that and known that I wouldn't get my own teacher then I would have checked out the one up north! To say the least this was a life experience.

Just cause the school was incapable, they did do one right thing. Three years ago they hired my teacher, Ms. Joy, and she's the most amazing teacher/person I've met! She may not have a manicuring license, just a cosmo though yes they learn about nails but don't go into the depth like we do, she worked her hardest to teach us what we needed to know! She even told us we were inspiring her, that she wanted to do more nails haha. If it wasn't for her or my classmate that turned into my mentor (she's been doing nails for 5 years, just now working to get her license) I wouldn't have the skills I have. I'm still learning, though this is one business you'll never stop! If you think other wise then this isn't the career for you.

     So what now? Well, I went to state board to get my license however I didn't pass. Doesn't mean I don't have the skills, just means I can't work in a salon and means I'm not used to acting as if my mannequin hand is a real person. If I did it with a real person then I would have kicked ass! But again my school was incapable. Out of four months, 400 hours, I only practiced through the whole thing completely once, ONCE! Even though only once, I tried my hardest, practiced on my own but I'm a visual person and once I got there I was so under prepared. Again, just cause I didn't pass doesn't me I don't have the skills. You can be the judge haha. My Instagram: @ashleys_little_nails

I've got my own at home salon and soon will be booking clients but when I don't know. Hopefully soon haha. Which leads into my other big news!

I'm engaged!!!

I'm getting married to my best friend January 3rd, 2015!! *squeal* It was made official June 12th when he asked me by giving me a set of his trucks keys (apparently Texas style of proposing haha). But I didn't get the formal proposal till July 4th. While he was home for my graduation in June my ring was being resized back where he's stationed. He didn't get a call saying he can pick it up till the day he was leaving to go back home, June 12th. So since then till July 4th I was dying to get my ring haha. 
He got a 96 (four days off) for the holiday and so we met up, he can only leave up to 400 miles away from base. The evening of July 4th, as we're driving to a firework show, he decides to propose then and there (it's so him!). And then as we parked and was hanging out in the bed of his truck (god I've missed that truck!) I really wanted him to propose down on one knee and he did! He's truly an a amazing person! I know we've been dying to start our lives together and now we are!
So as I'm trying to get back to normal, I'm also planning a wedding haha. I've got the venue, wedding invitation stuff, wedding dress, wedding shoes, and photographer's. Now I'll be working on caterers and a bakery then bridesmade's dresses. I've got to say, that part has been the most stressful haha.  

So there you go. I'm so excited and I'm also hoping I'll be having book news soon! I've got the cover for The Gatherers (Harvesting Series #0.5) ready and I'm almost done with the first draft of it, so close! So I'm hoping if I work hard enough it'll be out this year, maybe even next month....I know I promised it out sooner but with everything that just wasn't possible, plus I've practically rewritten the whole thing, giving it juicer details and more depth. So I'm hoping it'll be worth the wait!

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  1. Amazing ring and AMAZING nails! Congrats, girl.

  2. @Tawnya Bentley- Thanks!!!

    @Emma Meade- He picked it out himself and I do my own nails haha. Thanks so much!!