Review Policy-
I'm sorry to have to say this, but we're not taking any more review request right now. I'm over flowed with Netgalley's and Personally sent requests from authors and I would really like to catch up on them.....I might be changing this later this year, reopening it......but that's a big maybe
Anyways, if you're an author I have worked with before, then I'll still be here for you.

We are open to-
If you'd like me to promote your book in other ways beside reviewing like a book spotlight, cover reveal, guest post, etc then I would gladly like to! Just put in the subject line what you'd like to request. You can email Ashley here- dashley1992@gmail.com.


We're pretty much open to anything! But here's a list anyways:

*Young Adult
*New Adult
*Chick Lit
*Urban Fantasy
*Science Fiction

What I don't promote in books is scenes of Rape

If the character is a victim of it but it doesn't go into detail of the assault, then I'm okay with promoting it


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