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{Blog Tour} Review & Giveaway: Disconnect (Divided Worlds Trilogy #1) by Imran Siddiq

Disconnect (Divided Worlds, #1)
Disconnect (Divided Worlds Trilogy #1) by Imran Siddiq
 Publication Date: February 22nd 2013
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Pages: 278
In space, love has boundaries.

Dirtying fingernails in sewers is fast approaching worthlessness for Zachary, a 16-year old Underworld scavenger. When footage of an Overworld girl, Rosa, is discovered, his intrigue heightens at why she expresses sadness with a lavish lifestyle.

In meeting Rosa, Zachary is scorned by her opinion of the deprived. She pities him and provides a means for them to communicate. With time, friendship and something he’s never felt grows; love for another human. Knowing Rosa calls him when it suits her isn’t enough; he wants to meet her, but how? Relationships in Underworld are few, let alone the impossibility with those above the ceiling.

Underworld will suffer when plans to conquer Jupiter’s moon, Europa move ahead. Worse is Rosa’s father, a disgraced Overworld ambassador, approving the plan.

Zachary must defeat the prejudice of the worlds, sneak within opposing forces, lose friends and challenge Rosa’s sadness. In doing so, a twisted secret is uncovered that may devour the reason he lives; Rosa.
~My Thoughts~

"Even in space, love has boundaries" A dystopian in space and innocent love forming between two people from two different life styles, worlds in a way, I just couldn't help signing up for this tour. After doing the cover reveal for it I was quite intrigued by the concept and the cover, so I couldn't wait for this book.

So diving in we are smacked right into the action and there is quite a lot of it throughout the read, my god! Of course, that's a great element to have as the readers can never get bored. Zachary is on his job site, scavengering for what that might be worth money or food. He scavengers through dump sites for the people that live above ground and here he founds a metal box. He's been out of luck for a while of finding anything worth wild till now. Within the box he finds a rare find for this bracelet and a semi working raptor device (a communicator). With this communicator he hopes to fix it and then get a great deal for it but instead he gets the surprise of his life. Asking his partially working android to hack in to see if he can fix it, Zachary gets diary entries from a young female instead.

Here he gets a bit smitten and wants to know more about this young female and why in her last entry she seemed so sad. Finding out his father is going above for a high paying job to fix something for, in hopes the female’s family, Zachary jumps in and asks if he can come. Going along he goes looking around and bumps into her. After her freak out of him, she starts to take interest but mainly cause she has never met or seen anyone that lives from down below so he fascinates her.

All I can say is this is a major action packed book. Like nonstop for realz ha-ha and I absolutely just couldn't get enough of it. Not only is this so action packed but there are many twists and turns that take place and I so didn’t see coming, so great job to the author. Like literally, I didn’t see any of these winding turns and the last twist of the book, oh my god!!! Yea, it’s that good ha-ha.

However, there are just a couple things that got in the way of me totally falling in love with this book. First, since it is so action packed and the way it is written, in those big action scenes I would have to double back and reread it to make sure I read it right and understood what was going on. Second, the main guy for some reason I felt from his voice wasn’t a 16 year old boy, he sounded younger to me and that's how I envisioned him. Which was not a 16 year old boy so hopefully in the sequel, which I so cannot wait for it to come out (major cliffhanger at the in a way ha-ha), I'll be able to envision him that way.

Overall, this is a must for anyone that loves dystopians, Sci-fi, and/or innocent romances that have to fight against all odds.
Will disturb your being
Imran Siddiq
Imran Siddiq may have tried to leave Leicester a few times, but its become his place to wake up to two cats, freeze when the heating’s off and most of all, get down to writing. At a young age, his primary school teacher commented on his creativity and ability to tell stories. At the age of 29, during a night in the jungle, the bug inside awakened, and for the last 5 years he’s been sacrificing every second that he can to write. A veteran of writing festivals, a presence on Twitter and gobbling up all forms of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, he hopes he can bring a smile to others in the same way that he had, aged 5, reading with a torch under his duvet. Imran’s preferred genre is YA Sci Fi, and he has a tendency to throw a droid in every novel.

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