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Review: The Pharaoh and the Curator by Sophia Jones

The Pharaoh and the Curator
The Pharaoh and the Curator by Sophia Jones
Publication Date: April 25th 2013
Genre: Adult Erotic
Pages: 30
Format: Kindle
Source: Free from Amazon
A paranormal erotic short story

Unlucky in love museum curator Michelle Beaumont finds herself in Egypt where she contributes to god Amon Ra's resurrection. His burning heat soon has her throwing caution to the desert winds, but a lurking danger threatens both of their souls.
~My Thoughts~
So I was downloading books I had on my kindle onto the laptop and you know how after it's downloaded it pops up to the first page. Well, when you see a line like this "It really is just a giant penis, isn't it?" for the first sentence you tend to get a bit curious.
After reading that line I didn’t dive right into it (knowing there was a sex scene in it I really didn't want to read it in my living room with my family sitting out there too haha) so I did a bit of research by going to good ole' Goodreads. I reread the summary and this got me more interested. So with that line, the summary, and the steamy cover I decide to just go for it. Lately I've been feeling like I have been in a slump so I said whatever to that slump, I mean it’s a short story, maybe it can help.
And you guys, it totally helped out my slump. I was hooked from the beginning and I so didn’t want to put down my tablet. But since I started it right before I had to take my sibs to their dentist I had to. I was so sadden. I was in the action and I was dying to know what was going to happen next. But I had to restrain myself cause there was no way I would read this in public, especially with my sibs sitting right next to me in the waiting room that short period of time. So you ladies who are comfortable with reading erotic stories out there in public, you guys are so brave and can be looked at as hero’s for having the courage to do that.
Anyways, so I read a review and they said that this isn't a real erotic so I took the time to look up what it means. I know what it means but I wanted to see what the true meaning they have for it in the dictionary. "Of concerning, or arousing sexual desire or giving sexual pleasure" and it just did that.
Look, I don't read much erotic so if I offend you in any way I'm sorry but these are just my opinions. Erotic stories don't need a certain amount of sex scenes to make it an erotic. It just really needs one passionate one that'll make you melt. So if you're looking for a book that's all about the sex and not the story, then look away. But if you want one hot scene that flows within the storyline, then pick this short story up.
This story is written beautifully with a deep passion in the words. It'll consume you and you won't want it to ever end. Yes, at some moments it might feel fast but it’s a short story. But even then it was able to tell a story, a great story. We were able to see and learn about these characters. We were able to fall for them and when that passion finally got to come forth, it was just the cherry on top for me. So thank you Sophia, for writing that first sentence cause without I wouldn't have been able to fall into this magical world so soon.
It will take possession over you
~Dying To Read~
The Phantom and the Psychic
~About The Author~
Sophia Jones
I live in the Arizona desert with my husband and an assortment of other furry critters. I am a voracious reader of many genres, though most often it's a romance novel in my hand. Coffee addict. Dog lover. Yoga noob. Fledgling paranormal romance author. Please stop by and say hello.
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  1. Thank you for the feature! I'm so glad you enjoyed my shorty, and your kind words mean a lot.

    Best wishes,

    Sophia Jones

  2. @Sophia- You're very welcome! I really did enjoy it and it's begging for a reread haha ^_^. I'm glad my words have touched you.

    Best wishes to you too!