Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Songs (1)

These post I'll be doing for sundays and maybe on some saturdays depends if I'm craving more than one song and craving to share them with you.

Summer songs will either have the feeling like it's summer or just songs that I can't stop listening to. So the first summer song I want to give to you, my few readers, is Your song by Elton John. A favorite of mine that'll be used in my third installment to those who know about my other blog and about my book series I'm working very hard at. :)

What brought my mind to this song was because yesturday when me and the fam sat down to watch the recording of Haven, a syfy original, and it was the ending scenes song but sung by a female, Ellie Goulding, whom sings it very nicely. Apparently the song is so beautiful no matter who sings it I still get chills. :)

So enjoy both versions,

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