Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daring You To Read (11).....Fear Street Cheerleaders

Daring You To Read is a brand new meme by Tynga's Reviews. Is where you choose a book you’ve read, loved and would dare your readers to read! The book you choose must be an older release (at least 6 months ago), because let’s be honest, we’re all quite aware of the latest releases.

First Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders) by R.L Stine
Publication Date: August 1st 1992
Genre: YA Horror
Pages: 166


"Give Me a D-I-E!"
Newcomers Corky and Bobbi Corcoran want more than anything to make the cheerleading squad at Shadyside High. But as soon as the Corcoran sisters are named to the team, terrible things happen to the cheerleaders.
The horror starts with a mysterious accident near the Fear Street cemetery. Soon after, piercing screams echo through the empty school halls. And then the ghastly murders begin...

Can Corky and Bobbi stop the killer before the entire cheerleading squad is destroyed?

I believe this series made me obsessed with R.L Stine's Fear Street books. However, I just wish they sold more of them.

Anyways, this is a fun horror series that'll have you on the edge of your seats. It's been awhile and I wish I can call up some more to say but that pretty much sums it up. This is one author that I wish he would continue to write some new Fear Street books.  

I believe this is one series/books I can re-read. I usually don't, for some reason I just can't.

But if you love young adult horror with some fun snark then I dare you to pick this set up, you won't regret it.  


  1. I'm enchanted by horror, and funny horror? I'm sold!

    1. Yes, it's been awhile but, I'm pretty sure there was some snarking going on. I mean how can there not be when it's dealing with a bunch of teenage cheerleaders.

      Hope you like it as much as I did, thanks for stopping by.

  2. wow this is a classic! Love RL Stine books! Great pick! Thank you for stopping by!