Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Songs (9) & Mini Review: Cinder, Chapters 1-5

I'm kinda hooked to this one. The beat, the lyrics I can just listen to it all day without getting tired of it.
Love On Top by Beyonce ladies and gentlemen.

Happy Listening Everybody!

Cinder Chapters 1-5 by Marissa Meyer

Some how I fallen upon this excerpt and I've got to give props to the publishers for thinking of this idea.

Instead of giving us (the readers) a short brief show of the book, like, a chapter or just half of one. But they give us FIVE. How smart and cool is that. So if you've been thinking about getting this one or are not sure it's your thing but you are still kind of interested then you should sign into your amazon account and download this free excerpt.

Me, personally, after reading this I can't wait to get my hands on the copy I ordered yesterday from Book Depository. Right in the beginning your hit with action and danger of the deadly plague. And the similarities to the classic Fairy Tale of Cinderella is so much fun to read. Though I like the surprise with one of the stepsisters. A nice little change. :)

So if you're dying for a little taste of this bad boy or excuse me.....girl, then go straight to amazon for the free download.  

Plus, don't you just love the cover. I know I do. The glossy red shoe and the cyborg leg. Just gorgeous.

Happy Reading Everybody!

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