Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vampires Drool! Zombies Rule!

Vampires Drool! Zombies Rule! by Rusty Fischer
Publication Date: 2010
Genre: YA Paranormal


The Vampires and Zombies at Barracuda Bay High School have a long-standing truce: don’t mess with us, we won’t mess with you.

Of course, if the human kids at Barracuda Bay High knew they were sitting next to the Living Dead in homeroom, well… all bets would be off.

So when Lucy Frost tries to use the fancy heat-sensored paper towel dispensers in the C-wing girls’ room during a busy break from classes, Fiona Rutherford, the nosiest reporter on the Barracuda Bay Bugle, just happens to witness it.

But when she jokingly refers to Lucy as a “zombie” in the next day’s paper, Fiona unknowingly sets off a chain of events that will change Lucy’s life forever.

Now the vampires want to do away with Fiona, and the only zombie who wants to save her is Lucy. Suddenly Lucy is the only hope Fiona and the rest of her friends have of surviving!

I've got to hand it to Rusty Fischer, he definitely has a creative side.

I mean who would have thought of creating a plot surrounding one of those silly yet useful hand towel dispensers. Obviously Rusty Fischer had. 

It's a unique original plot line that'll have you hooked so fast you won't even know it. This plot is done in two days so you know there's going to be lots of action going on. It's a fast easy read that'll be devoured in no time.  

I loved the characters. The AV club was so much fun to read. My favorite chapter would have to be number thirteen, it's funny and I just love how they react to finding out what Lucy really is. Especially Roger. 

Though there is one thing that did bugged me. For most of the first half of the story Lucy is talking about her hard school girl crush on a boy named Alex and I thought it to be sweet. However, a few pages down the road she starts talking about her zombie friend Ethan like there's something more going on. And I do get it, he's a zombie she's a zombie and since zombies can't be with non zombies I can see why she thinks that towards him. I mean she is a teenager after all. But for me I felt that the story really didn't need it since she was already going on and on about Alex. 

Other than that I loved it. I enjoyed it with it's little twist and turns. I feel if Mr. Fischer wanted to continue Lucy's Frost story I'd download it in a heartbeat. I was happy with how it ended and I totally believe zombies rule over vampires. We need more of them out there. Plus, I can't wait to read more from Rusty Fischer.


Two birds, One stone


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