Thursday, March 22, 2012

A great webisode series for any hopeless romantic

So a few years ago I used to be really into this online series called I <3 Vampires created by Take180 and just the other day I just decided out of the blue to see if they just might happen created a third season. They didn't but I found something amazing out of the search.

Created by the same people comes in place of a fun, light hearted, humorous show great for hopeless romantics. I just couldn't get enough of it even though I knew I had to get to bed before midnight so I could at least get some sleep for school the next day. 

The show is called First Day which is about this teenage girl who has a bad first day at a new school. At night she was talking to her favorite stuff dog and wished for sort of a do over. And just guess what....she does.

She'll have to redo that day until she gets it just right. But before that she will go through a few crazy stunts to get what she wants and it's just so funny.  

Since it's a romanic I just have to talk about the leading man. Ryan, totes swoon worthy ladies. He's the cool guy but totally a sweet heart. And I just couldn't help fall for him, too. Everytime Cassie did a crazy thing to try to get his attention it was always so funny seeing his reactions to them. Yet still yummy.

Overall a quick fun series that'll just grip you.

Happy Viewing Everybody!

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  1. Oh I love the sounds of this! I'm def. checking this out!!