Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: Snakehead (Alex Rider #7) by Anthony Horowitz

Snakehead (Alex Rider, #7)


When Alex Rider crash-lands off the coast of Australia, the Australian Secret Service recruits him to infiltrate one of the ruthless gangs operating across Southeast Asia. Known as snakeheads, the gangs smuggle drugs, weapons, and worst of all, people. Alex accepts the assignment, in part for the chance to work with his godfather and learn more about his parents. What he uncovers, however, is a secret that will make this his darkest and most dangerous mission yet . . . and the knowledge that his old nemesis, Scorpia, is anything but out of his life.

Slight Spoilers

   I've read books 1-7, including this one, of the Alex Rider series. I liked them all, but the books have gotten some what redundant.
 Alex had never felt any thing like it. The very air had been turned into a giant fist, a boxing glove that pounded into him - hot and violent - and for a moment he thought he must have broken a dozen bones.

    Even though the stories are always different, all of them good, the plots are very similar. Something bad happens. Alex gets blackmailed or tricked by some government agency to do a mission for them. While undercover, Alex finds out stuff that the bad guys don't want him to and they capture him. Alex then gets told the bad guys plan and escapes. He foils their plans, saves the world, and finds out something about his parents. But I guess if you get to the seventh book in a series, you're going to have similarities.
   Anyway, the book was good, and I will readily recommend it. Though if you're new to the series, I would start with book one, Stormbreaker. If you're a fan of James Bond, this is a series for you.


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