Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So I’ve been gone and this is why…..

….well, really because of a whom.
My first time seeing him in three months
Family Day for our graduate was August 15 (so road trip the day before) and since then this is pretty much the reason of why I haven’t really been here lately. Sadly I’m back and no offense to you guys but, I’d rather be with him right now however that’s not possible. Oops, I’m getting a head of myself haha.
Before the trip I scheduled some post that way I wouldn’t leave you guys completely hanging but even then I’ve slowed down quite a bit. And I thank you guys for coming here even though not much new has been put up, you guys are awesome!
So after the long 12 hour trip to San Diego our friends and I had to wait till the next day to see him. We got up early, got ready, and his family learned that us girls tend to take forever (he’s an only, completely an only on his mother’s side of the family so they’re not used to girls getting ready, especially three of them haha). We then get there at a good time, got to see them march in the morning and that’s when the teasing begins. For several times you got to see him but couldn’t touch him and that was a killer for me.
We finally got to be with him at twelve after the Moto run (motivation) and once they were all washed up (really, I wouldn’t have minded the sweat. I just wanted to feel him again and to be able to breathe). The girls and I actually weren’t with his family when they released him, so it took us a while to find him. But thankfully not that long however it felt like it haha.  

Our first embrace, one year and three months on this exact date too

From then on we were able to hang out with him till six. No surprise here but time flew by fast and along with it I got a nasty burn haha. Even with the sunscreen I had on. But of course at the time I didn’t mind, because I was able to be with the love of my life.  We ate lunch there, shopped around, and did some bowling. Though I didn’t, that sunburn was starting to get to me haha. There we were able to have stolen moments and those butterflies in my stomach had me smiling my goofy smile.
I just couldn’t stop looking at him, it all felt like a dream. Plus, he changed so much in those three months I just couldn’t believe it haha. He lost thirty pounds and that was a surprise to us all. He was already in such great shape when he got there but I guess the Marines put him in better shape. He’s happy about it and I ain’t complaining haha. He’s all muscle now and I thought he was already all muscle before, well I guess I was wrong cause this is a whole other kind of muscle. But this part of the story you really don’t need to know about.
When time came for him to leave, that was hard. I knew I was going to see him again the next day for graduation but I just didn’t want to let go. Of course our ride back to his great aunt’s house I was tearing up. Along with it, I wanted to get there soon so I could sleep the rest of the hours away so I would be able to see him sooner.
 Graduation was on August 16 and I’m surprised by how fast it actually went. I was so happy with that.


So handsome! <3 

The ceremony was great but we both thought the band went on a little too long. If you couldn’t sense it we were dying to be together again haha. And him being a squad leader we were able to find him easily.
So the last two weeks I have been living out of a suite case (well, really the last month haha but for other reasons) and glued to his hip in those ten days we were able to have with him before he had to go back for the rest of his training, which we just dropped him off in San Diego yesterday. He’s able to have a phone now but how much they’ll let him use it is beyond me.

And in those ten days I saw how much the Marines had changed him though in a way I didn’t think, completely. I had a fear he would come back completely different, like he would be too serious and not the man I fell in love with. But no, our fear of that didn’t come true. Yes, he’s more mature but he’s also more romantic and he’s still him, completely. I don’t know how to explain it but he is just with a cherry on top because of the romance haha.

I pretty much lived with him for most of those days and we went out, did a picnic, hit a ball around, went to Jackson, and did Universal Studios. Oh, and went for sushi. I’ve been craving it for forever and we finally went with a couple of friends on his last day here.

Honestly I did nothing but be with him and being with him is when I’m the happiest, when I’m able to be comfortable to be myself. So I was living in bliss when I was with him. I even missed my first week of fall semester, thankfully I’m doing an internet course haha or I would have been screwed.  
But now it’s back to reality and sadly, at the moment I’m having some hard times and with no job it’s making it harder, so I don’t have much to keep me busy but the worries so I’m feeling lost without him. Feeling lost without the man that makes me feel so alive, a man that helps let me forget the worries when I need to.

I hope during this time I’m able to find more of myself, to show myself that I can do this even though I feel like I can’t live without him. So I hope I’ll be able to get a job and start saving for the things I know will help make a brighter future for me and even for us. I hope to get one so I can tell him the good news about it as he’s been there for me, pushing me when I need to be pushed. I also hope to finish my book for him as he’s my number one supporter. Honestly the life I had before him was no life, but an escape. I’m so glad to have met him and to have had the chance to fall for him. I’m so glad that he fell for me too because he has made my life so much brighter than before.

So babes, I can’t wait to see you again! I’ll always wait for you because I am a better person, because I am finally seeing the real me and all because of you, the greatest thing to have ever happen to me. I love you! <3

Now you know why I’ve been gone from the blogging world, because something better was around. And I'm so proud of him! 

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