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Ashley's Review: The Sleepwalker (Fear Street #6) by R.L Stine

The Sleepwalker (Fear Street, #6)
The Sleepwalker (Fear Street #6) by R.L Stine
Publication Date: August 1st 1991
Genre: Young Adult Mystery
Pages: 164
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought
Read: October 24 to 25, 2014

One week after she starts her summer job on Fear Street with old Mrs Cottler, Mayra Barnes begins to sleepwalk, waking up in the dead of night not knowing where she is. Mayra becomes even more terrified when she discovers Mrs Cottler may be a witch...

Is the old woman casting spells on Mayra? To add to Mayra's horror, she is being followed by a menacing stranger who seems to recognize her - but she's never seen him in her life!

Mayra's sleepwalking is leading her into more and more peril. She soon realizes she must take action. She must find out what is happening to her - or she may never leave Fear Street alive!
~My Thoughts~
The Sleepwalker was more of a suspense mystery than a horror like the rest of R.L Stine Fear Street series. And though it had me hooked and interested, I still feel like things were missing for me or the book wasn't really moving along but dragging even though this is a very quick read like usual with Mr. Stine's books. I don't know, I just wasn't fully satisfied.
Perfect for Halloween, witch's are brewing in the night and Mayra believes her boss Mrs. Cottler is behind the reasoning why she's all of a sudden sleep walking. Though all signs point to her, I knew it would be too easy, there just had to be a logical reason behind her character. Mayra thought so too but with her mind not quite there, thanks to the lack of sleep (nightmare of elm street anyone! Though she's not fighting a razor clawed burned murderer, but something that's hidden deep within her), all logic was shot out the window. It didn't help that her mom made fun of it at first, making her feel just a bit crazy. Girl, I know the feel. Nurses are just like that, especially if they've been doing it most of their life. I felt bad Mayra didn't really have anyone to talk to, I mean she talked to people but they just weren't quite believing her that something was truly wrong.
When pieces of the puzzle started to come together I knew it was going to be that certain person. Though why they did it I thought it was going to be way worse. Even though what they did was horrible, what I was thinking was twice as horrible and with the character being crazy, I wouldn't doubt they're capable of what I was thinking truly happened. I wasn't blown away because I already had a feeling it was this person but why they did it, it was a shock and totally an sitting on the edge of your seat kind of moment. Mr. Stine is great at creating intense, panic scenes along with hooking you to start another chapter when you should be doing something else haha.
Overall I enjoyed it and I devoured it for sure but something was just missing for me. It wasn't the typical slasher type horror he writes but it helped me with my reading craving and it was an enjoyable mystery. So if you're not into the bloody, serial killer type horror, more the suspense type then this book is for you! Your mind will be just as confused as Mayra's and it's one sinking scary feeling to go through. I'm surprised she didn't go crazy haha.
3.5 Bats
Sweet Readings Everybody!

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