Sunday, October 19, 2014

Books For Nothing (12) Easy Bake Coven & How (Not) to Play with Magic

Books for Nothing is where I’ll be updating you guys on free Kindle reads.
I download tons of Freebies weekly and sometimes I’m too lazy to let you guys know about the tons of books I get on I am a Book Hoarder, so I decided to create this! That way you guys can enjoy the awesomeness too as who doesn’t love the word free!
*Note: If some aren't free they became non-free after I scheduled this post

Easy Bake Coven (Easy Bake Coven, #1)
Easy Bake Coven (Easy Bake Coven #1) by Liz Schulte
Publication Date: January 4th 2013
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
For Selene Warren being a witch is no big deal. She dabbles in harmless magic with her friends and never thinks much about it. However, when a stranger who seems to know her shows up at her studio and her grandmother is brutally attacked, her simple life becomes complicated.

A world of elves, half-elves, fae—and one peculiar Sekhmet named Femi open up to her. She will discover that fairy tales are real, politics are ugly in any world, and there is a lot more to her life than she ever dreamed possible.

This new reality threatens swallow Selene whole, but with a forgotten past beating down her door, she will have to dive in to save her future.
How (Not) to Play With Magic (Cindy Eller, 0.5)
How (Not) to Play with Magic (Cindy Eller #0.5) by Elizabeth A. Reeves
Publication Date: March 18th 2013
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
A Cindy Eller Short story.

Cindy Eller is a witch and a baker. She is making a name for herself in the world of desserts with her new and unique flavor profiles.

But juggling her weird family and trying to keep her magic a secret from her roommates is a daily challenge.

And her twin sisters, Starrie and Rainey Skye won't hesitate to bring the trouble right to her door.
Sweet Readings Everybody!

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