Monday, December 1, 2014

It's my Birthday!

I honestly can't believe another year has gone by! Today is my birthday and it doesn't really feel like it, like I just turned 22. With my family we don't do big parties and cakes as we get older, I haven't had a party in like years! Like middle school haha. Which is why I'm excited for next year when I'll be celebrating with my husband (we're getting hitched January 3rd) and I can't wait to go all out for him too, he's not used to that as he never grew up with birthday parties so I can't wait to spoil him!
Anyways, last week was total bliss! Came home late last night and I absolutely didn't want to go to sleep because I would be waking up without him.....Wednesday we got our marriage license, you have no idea how amazing I felt writing down my new last name!, and got our apartment reserved. We'll be moving in January 7th and I'm so excited because my heart is down in Socal with him and I can't wait to start our lives together!
So, right now this is just another birthday. My mind is too busy trying not to stress as I get all the last minute details done for our big day, as I wait in excitement to pick him up one last time at the airport in 27 days, and as I begin to pack up for the next chapter of my life! 

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