Monday, December 17, 2012

Bloody Christmas e-book Giveaway

Our first giveaway and it’s being presented by Nikki Jefford author of Aurora Sky: VampireHunter and Entangled!

Good luck and here are the details to this Fun Filled Fanged Giveaway! (try saying that three times, haha)


 Bloody Christmas e-book Giveaway

As any true fanged fan knows, vampires are always in season. Enter to win four paranormal sensations and put a splash of red into your holidays. Action, adventure, romance, and entirely new twists on the vampire genre.

One winner will receive all four e-books pictured here. Winner may substitute any of these titles for another by the same author within the same series.


> Cheer on Team Misfits in ReVamped as they take on rogue vampires in the once peaceful little town of Angel Creek.


> Journey to hoodoo influenced Southern Louisiana – an exile for reformed vampires in Amaranth.


> Answer the call of the wild in Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter where vampires are flocking towards the dark and cold.


> Take a trip into the future in Vaempires: Revolution where continents have collided and humans and vampires have learned to live in peace until vampires begin morphing into vaempires, superior beings whose mission is to dominate the planet.

Redefining what it means to be vampire - Stop by the authors’ sites and get to know them better - Ada, Rachael, Nikki, Tom


Wishing you a Scary Christmas!

Again good luck!

Happy Reading Everybody!



  1. Your first? Yes! I love claiming bloggers' giveaway virginity. LOL!

    Thank you, lovelies!

    Here's to many more. ;)

  2. Yes Nikki, our first so thank you for claiming it, haha! ^_^

    And thank you for allowing us to do it! Also, can't wait for the many more. ;) haha

  3. Thanks for helping spread the word!

  4. It's no problem Tom, we loved doing it! ^_^

    Also, your book sounds really amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by!