Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Zack & Zoey Alien Apocalypse

Publication Date: August 13th 2012
Kindle Edition
When hungry aliens begin their 'rain' of terror, break out the umbrellas—the aliens can't eat you with an umbrella shoved in their huge mouths.

Looking for yummy human tenders, Admiral Nact-bauk invades the local school. Zack and Zoey lead the counterattack armed with rulers, protractors, and dodge balls.

They might have a chance, if Nact-bauk didn't gulp down the only teacher brave enough to stand up to him. Even worse, he forces Zoey onboard the alien vessel for dinner — along with a bucket of honey-mustard sauce.

Zack will do just about anything to save her. If Principal Blathers won't help, Zack sees no choice but to 'borrow' the principal's car. Chasing the alien saucers, he meets up with a wrinkly WWII hero who thinks he knows the alien's weakness: electric toothbrushes.

Wielding only umbrellas and battery-powered dental weapons, things look grim. Even if the pair manage to rescue Zoey, there's the small matter of escaping a spacecraft flying at over two hundred miles an hour.

Can you say, Jetpacks?

Cheesy Word: Adorable
Sorry but it was just sooooo adorable. This book is mainly aimed at kids but it's really great for all ages. There's humor, a sweet little cute romance, and of course lots of action. From start to finish. From when the aliens come to the white house and take over. That scene was humorous. This is a fun story line that just allows you to be a kid for just a little while and allows you to forget the world around you.
The characters are adventurous and really smart for their age. They come up with ideas that'll just put a smile on your face. Zack, the main character, gets more wrapped up with the aliens than most because of his best friend, though maybe more, gets sucked up into one of the space ships. You'd thought the book was fun filled with action before, well, it gets more venturous after she gets taken. Like when, Zack and a friend, take their mean old Principal's car.

Overall, I loved and really, really enjoyed this story. And the new laws the aliens made for them, well, let's just say it reminded me of a favorite childhood movie of mine, Matilda. The scene where the mean headmaster made that kid eat that big ass chocolate cake in front of everyone as a way of punishment. Yep, and if you want to know why this book reminded me of it you have to pick it up. Only 99 cents over at amazon ^_^. Also, the teachers punishment room reminded me of that movie too. Though the teacher had another side to her and I really loved that character.

The writing is great and easy and the graphics are a blast to look at. This read will get you lost in a world full of entrainment that just comes to life. Now if only Mr. Ware would write an alien theme young adult book then I would love him forever, haha. Can't wait to see what else he has to show the writing world with his amazing story telling.   

Most definitely recommand
Happy reading Everybody!

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