Monday, September 10, 2012

On My Mind Monday(1)

On My Mind Monday with Paranormal Sisters!
Okay, so this is a new thing where every Monday we pick a topic and tell you our thoughts on it. It might be weekly or every other week. Haven't decided yet. And if you have a topic you want our thoughts on, post a comment and we might decide to do it.
So this weeks topic- Trends in books (and sometimes movies and TV)
Okay so first: Vampires and Werewolves.
I blame Twilight for this. And that's not because it started the trend, but it made it big. I now kinda hesitate to buy books that focus on Vampires and Werewolves. I don't want it to be like Twilight. And the movies didn't help. Vampires and Werewolves are supposed to be scary monsters. Now a lot of them are pretty boys fighting over a girl. Not all books, T.V shows, and movies are bad, it's just sometimes you can't help but think of Twilight. 
And it's not just books or movies about them. I read a book a month or two ago, Demons and Druids(Daniel X#3), and it's about an alien hunter named Daniel X. It's about him trying to kill the third toughest alien in the galaxy. And guess what's shows about in the middle of the book? A vampire alien named Vlad. It was only about ten pages (or two chapters) and he didn't need to be there, but he was.
 What I think of the trend: I don't mind Vampires or Werewolves, I just don't want them to be completely like Twilight.
Second topic: Dystopian
The Hunger Games is one of the first things that come to mind when I think of this genre. There's a few others (Divergent, Maze Runner and so forth), but Hunger Games is the first. This one is also big in T.V shows. There's Falling Skies, The Walking Dead, Tera Nova before it got cancelled, and new one Revolution. I liked Terra Nova, like falling Skies, and have no interest in Revolution. My sister and brother love The Walking Dead. (I've seen one episode.)
What I think of the trend: If the books keep being good, then they can keep coming. I am getting tired of the T.V shows. I just want something new.
Third and final Trend: Adding more books after series is over.
I'm not talking about spin-off series. I'm talking about when the author says the series will be a trilogy, then write a fourth book. And maybe this isn't that big of a trend, but it's happened a few times to series I like and love, and I kinda want to rant a little.
The problem I have with these are that they usually aren't as good. Like with the Mortal Instruments series. It was supposed to stop with The City of Glass but people wanted more so Cassandra Clary wrote three more books. The first two are out and they weren't as good as the first trilogy. The author brought back all the same characters, even the same bad guy. It felt like she was just writing them because of her publisher wants her to.
What I think of trend: If you want to write more about a world you created, then do a spin-off series. I like those better.
I know that these aren't all the book trends, but I can't do all of them in one post. And I didn't do Zombies because my sister knows more about that trend then me, and she probably would've killed if I did it without her.
And once again, you got a topic? Post a comment.
Happy Reading!

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