Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daring You To Read (23)...... The Homelanders

 Daring You To Read is a brand new meme by Tynga's Reviews. Is where you choose a book you’ve read, loved and would dare your readers to read! The book you choose must be an older release (at least 6 months ago), because let’s be honest, we’re all quite aware of the latest releases
The Homelanders by Andrew Klavan 
I've only read the first two books. I'm currently reading the third. I got the complete series in one book. So I was betting on liking it the first time I got it. And I won that bet.
Charlie West was accused of murdering his best friend and working with terrorists. The only problem? He can't remember any of it. He wakes up tied to a chair in a terrorist hideout not remembering the last year of his life. So he escapes from the terrorist and starts a search to find the truth.
The books are paced well. So you get action throughout the chapters. The mystery is there. Charlie isn't the best main character, but he got better in the second one. And I'm sure he will be better in the third one. And the writing is great. You don't get confused and you don't get lost.
So, there you have it. I'm daring you to read this series. 

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