Saturday, November 3, 2012

On My Wishlist (31) Colonization

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Colonization (Paradise Reclaimed #1) by Aubrie Dionne
Publication Date: November 7th 2012
Genre: YA Dystopia

Andromeda has spent all seventeen years of her life aboard a deep space transport vessel destined for a paradise planet. Her safe cocoon is about to break open as Paradise 21 looms only one month away, and she must take the aptitude tests to determine her role on the new world and her computer assigned lifemate. As a great-granddaughter of the Commander of the ship, she wants to live up to her family name. But, her forbidden love for her childhood friend, Sirius, distracts her and she fails the tests. The results place her in a menial role in the new colony and pair her with Corvus, “the oaf”.

But when Andromeda steps foot on Paradise 21, her predestined future is the least of her worries. Alien ghosts from a failed colonization warn her of a deadly threat to her colony. And when Sirius’s ship crashes on the far ridge in an attempt to investigate, she journeys to rescue him with Corvus.

Andromeda now must convince the authorities of the imminent danger to keep her protect her new home. What she didn’t expect was a battle of her own feelings for Sirius and Corvus.

Can she save the colony and discover her true love?
I'm just loving Dystopians lately, a couple weeks ago I finished Under The Never Sky and oh my god that was breathlessly fresh *Squeal*! I enjoyed it and I really need to write a review for you, my readers, just to show you how freaking amazing it is haha.
And now I'm reading Wither and I am really adoring this frightening world Lauren DeStefano has created for us! ^_^
So, I'm like on a high for great Dystopians and this one sounds like it could be another amazing read for me.
So, I'll be looking for it at the libraries ^_^
Happy Reading Everybody!

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