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Review: Age of the Aura, Phase I: Champions of Power

Age of Aura, Phase 1: Champions of Power (Age of Aura #1) by Samuel Odunsi Jr.
Publication Date: June 5, 2012
Genre:  Science Fiction


There was no other name for the Blessed Galaxy. After being gifted with the Auras, five great powerhouses of celestial creation, the title was a suitable fit. While harnessing such energies, the governing bodies have ruled their respected reaches of the Galaxy for a number of millennia, but now they face the threat of an inevitable calamity that could shake the lives of everyone, caused by one of the five Auras.

After accepting a sudden promotion, a devout man of science, named Lowen Sars, decides to take on the burden of saving the Galaxy’s people after he learns of the calamity, but soon realizes that the role of a hero was a calling not meant for him. In his process of self-discovery, Lowen inadvertently begins the fateful saga of not only the Blessed Galaxy but also the kingdom in possession of the corrupt Aura, and especially its two young heirs of the throne.

Age of the Aura, Phase I: Champions of Power is the first book in a science fiction series that has yet to be seen elsewhere and it will certainly be one for the ages.
The plot was pretty good. It is clear this is meant as a starting point for a series. It starts of with action, and a mystery unfolded through out the book. It was paced okay, but the sense of time wasn't really there. I rarely knew the amount of time that passed between each event. I'm actually not sure if this took place within weeks of the start or a few months. It was also a little jumpy at times, but that wasn't to bad.
There were a few different characters. There wasn't a lot of character development for most of them. Lowen was forced into being the hero and he finally seemed to settle into that role at the end. Ambrose was the more emotional of the two brother princes. And honestly, most other character were pretty generic.
Slight spoilers of the ending in next paragraph! I warned you.
The ending was entertaining, but didn't seem to completely fit. I got the sense that Lowen and crew wanted to find a more peaceful solution, but it was actually kinda violent. Dr. Prime specifically said he would only help if there was no violence. But at the end he didn't seem to have any problem with people getting burned and paralyzed. I wish that issue came up.
Overall, it was a pretty good read. It was the start of a series so there was a lot of  world development and set up. There were some errors and mistakes, but that didn't brother me to much when I noticed. And I got the sense that the next book might be better than this one. I do recommend  this book to fans of the science fiction genre.


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