Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie Review: Mama

Annabel and Lucas are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years.... but how alone were they?
~My Review~
When my boyfriend asked me to go along with his family I said hell yeah! :D However once it started to dim and began I was like “why the hell am I here?” ha-ha. This was technically my first time seeing a spine chilling movie in the theaters, so yea, I was worried about letting out a shrill. 
Thankfully I never did, whew *wipes forehead*, but I did jump quite a few times and a few times I had to lower my eyes cause man Mama was scary and creepy looking. Just typing this out chills are running down my back just thinking of her *shudders*.
Like I said before, not much creeps me out when it comes to horror (then again it also depends on the atmosphere too, ha-ha) but one thing that truly gets to me is when little kids are involved. I think the main reason why is cause they’re supposed to be innocent and pure, so yea in horror they are great at creeping people out >_<.
Once the opening scene is over, and that scene is very sad and not what I was expecting so I loved it, we meet their uncle whom is searching crazily for them. He’s been searching for years and then an old man finally finds them at the cabin. And when he goes into that cabin we see what they have turned into and boy did that freak me out, again kids are supposed to be pure and not able to crawl like The Grudge.
Now once the girls come back into the real world, they become a part of a study and along this process, the uncle’s girlfriend starts to unravel the mystery behind the hauntings and starts to bond with them. The older girl starts to form better and quicker into her new life, as she starts to remember things, but the younger one stays stubborn and is creeper out of the two.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this great spine chiller and will show some gif’s of the parts I loved. There is humor, great moments of jumps, and there is even heart breaking moments. A great ghost story, character development as they all change throughout this new challenge in their lives which I freaking loved especially the girlfriend’s role, and there are stupidity parts from characters but that’s part of the fun when it comes to horror movies!
So, if you love horror, spine chilling (yes, I keep saying that but it is like the best way to describe this bad girl, ha-ha) and/or ghost stories then this is a must watch for you! I don’t doubt you’ll be jumpy too when it comes to this movie.
Will disturb your being

Happy Viewing Everybody!

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