Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Song (25)

Sunday Songs is the feature where we talk about songs that we are really hooked to at the time or it has spoke to us in some way and we just had to share it with you guys, our amazing readers!
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

This song I think is great for writing action/thriller/impulse scenes. It’ll be the background music for my main character when she gets a wakeup call of what’s going on, in my secret WIP’s.

I’ve probably heard this song on the radio before but it didn’t really catch my attention like it did when I was watching The Host movie Trailer. It truly gave me a thrill and it helped me get into the trailer ha-ha.

Anyways, I love listening to it and I have yet to get tired of it! Woohoo! So, of course when I am listening to it I feel like I can do anything, which means it’s a great motivating song too. ^_^
So, what song is hooking you right now?
Happy Listening Everybody!

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