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Ashley's Review: Ever After Drake (The McCain Saga #1) by Keary Taylor

Ever After Drake (The McCain Saga, #2)
Ever After Drake (The McCain Saga #1) by Keary Taylor
Publication Date: July 15th 2014
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Pages: 185
Format: Kindle
Source: Bought
Read: August 07 to 09, 2014
It was my first day as a brand new high school teacher. But I got dumped that morning. Via text. And then one of my students hit on me. And the rest of the day was a complete mess. The beautifully single Mr. Drake McCain found me in my classroom, feeling sorry for myself. And not sixty seconds later he had me laughing and electricity racing through my blood.

My family is broken and complicated. I literally don’t know my biological father’s name. My mother is absent and my half-brother barely knows who she is. But Drake? He’s not complicated. He’s sweet and kind and insanely adorable, and comes from a wonderful family. He is everything I want.

The chemistry between us? It’s there in spades. I keep telling myself that I should be feeling really awful and depressed since I just got dumped a few days ago. But I keep getting this ridiculous smile on my face every time Drake is around and it’s kind of hard to keep telling myself that.

I’m Kaylee Ray. I believe in fairy tales and happily ever after’s, and maybe the search for Prince Charming is over.

Cue reality check.

*All books in The McCain Saga may be read independently. This is a family saga and each book is about a different sibling. The following are listed from oldest to youngest sibling.
Untitled-LAKE (Fall 2014)
Untitled-KALE (Winter 2014)*
~My Thoughts~
I couldn't help myself, it was .99 cents at the time, and I just had to have more of the McCain's! So jumping right back into this world the beginning was cute, charming, and romantically sweet! Though I couldn't connect with Kaylee right away. How she could fall in and out of love so easily and moving onto the next guy without a problem blew my mind, especially when later on in the book she said she hasn't been in many serious relationships. Yet, in the beginning, that's not how her personality portrayed her. So, sometimes I was confused about Kaylee.
And as I was reaching the halfway point of the book I was wondering when we were going to get to the deeper, emotional stuff of the story. Mrs. Taylor has a saying for this series something like "It's hard to love a McCain" yet it seemed pretty easy for Kaylee. It was so perfect, cheery, and exactly the kind of fairy tale Kaylee wanted that I didn't know where this book was going. It seemed too easy and maybe that was the point.
Once I started to question this, we finally got slapped in the face, punched in the stomach, and having the rug beneath our feet get ripped right from under us. First Drake's ex comes into the picture and she's got a bomb to drop on him. When Kaylee finds out what it is she makes the desicion to step away. She didn't want to break up a family that could be and she knows how it feels not to know her own father. Her mother at a young age had a one night stand and ended up with a bun in her oven.
So when Kaylee steps away, her best friend tells her to take this time to find herself, instead of always looking for Prince Charming. That's when she gets the idea to look for her father. This leads her to another side of the story and show's her that maybe if things worked out differently she could have had the family she always wanted. But things happen for a reason and she's just happy to learn the truth.
As she was finding herself, her mother was trying to become more in her life again. And when hope blooms something gets in the way and the emotional roller coaster begins. And oh my god, Mrs. Taylor kept writing heart breaking things that pulled at my heart strings and my jaw kept dropping every word I read. This is when I started to bond with Kaylee because you can't help but feel sympathy towards her. Life finally screwed her and Drake over and all at once too. But I'm glad that they had each other when they really needed someone.
Overall this was an amazing read and Mrs. Taylor sure knows how to rip the rug right from under our feet! If you like New Adult Contemporary Romances with depth and heartache but with a fairy tale ending then this book is for you! And that ending, oh my god, Kaylee finally got her Prince Charming and was it ever full of the charms! This'll put a smile on your face with it's heart felt, family crazy but loving story. Oh the McCain boys! Everytime Lake came into the scene a goofy smile came to my face and Kale was ever the adorableness! Sage is still the kick ass female she is and I did miss reading behind her eyes but I'm glad we get a taste of every McCain sibling. I can't wait for Depths of Lake to come out next month! It's definitely a must buy for me!

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