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Ashley's Review: Just a Little Promise (Just a Little #4) by Tracie Puckett

Just a Little Promise (Just a Little, #4)
Just a Little Promise (Just a Little #4) by Tracie Puckett
Publication Date: January 1st 2012
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Format: Kindle
Source: Free on Amazon
Read: August 23, 2014
In the beginning, all she wanted was a sense of direction. Now, she’s fighting in the name of love.

Seventeen-year-old Julie Little is under constant scrutiny. Try as she might, she can’t make a single move without her uncle’s permission—and Charlie will stop at nothing to keep her from Luke (even if that means putting her behind bars for an hour or two). But Charlie’s overbearing behavior is the least of her worries. Derek is consumed with guilt. Luke is struggling to overcome his past. And Julie is on a diehard mission to change things that are completely out of her control… even if that means betraying the man she loves.
~My Thoughts~
Just a Little Promise, I read so many great reviews for this installment that I was afraid my high expectations would be shattered. But they weren't! Yay!
Seriously, this was by far the best! The author noted this was supposed to be the last one in the series (but there's like six more haha) so expect everything to come together at the end. This one was absolutely charming! Julie and Luke are trying to spend time with each other, after in Just a Little Sincerity Luke finally just lets go, but Charlie (Julie's uncle and Luke's boss) will do anything to make sure they can't get a second together. And why Charlie is so persistent is absolutely heartbreaking. Prepare yourself for a very emotional ride with this one.
So many feels goes on in this book. With Julie trying to get Luke to just be in the same room with his father but the two men are just stubborn and this leads Julie to cause disturbance and to end up in a jail cell for a day haha. But in the end this helps Luke in finally trying to make things right again.
So much goes on in just a few pages and Luke finally yells out to the world (literally) how much he cares for Julie. And oh my god, that scene was absolutely adorable! I was grinning from ear to ear and my hopeless romantic heart was about to fly away, just like Julie thought she was.
Overall this one was absolutely (I keep saying that word haha) perfect! I could not put down this book. I didn't want it to end! I was drawn in by Julie's determination and her will to bug her uncle until he told her why he was being so strict. I was swept off my feet by Luke finally letting go of this wall he built up and letting Julie in, giving them a chance. With the charismatics of this installment I couldn't help swim along the words and forget the world around me, I just had to keep reading! With the different emotions (anger, hurt, lost, and love) pulling at my heart strings how could I put this book down?
I'm seriously dying for the second box set! The first box set, Just a Little Series (1-4) is free!
Sweet Readings Everybody!

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