Monday, August 8, 2011

Remakes, why oh why?

So I was just on facebook and saw one of my favorite movies posted something on their page and the sad thing is, that they actually thought it would be exciting news.....what they didn't know was there was going to be a lot of backlash towards the idea.

A Dirty Dancing remake. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, what I just said is the latest remake in our midst. Why they think it's a good idea is beyond me.....okay, that's a lie. It's probably just a quick way of earning some big bucks, I've got a better idea for you Hollywood people, JUST PUT THE ORIGINAL BACK IN THEATER'S. You'll save so much more money that way and those millions could actually go to something useful. (I know....wishful thinking)

Sorry for that it's just I love this movie and I don't know about you people but.....I'm kind of tired of all the remakes coming out lately. Seriously Hollywood, you're really out of ideas were you have to continue making all of these horrid remakes.

Most of the time they're saying it's for the new generation and to tell you, I am apart of that generation and I fully believe this is a horrid idea. I grew up with this movie along with Footloose (sadly, that too, became apart of this new trend. Seriously just put the original back in theaters). I promise you'll get the old generation along with the new.

Whenever it was on TV no doubt we had it playing, whether to watch or just background noise that we could never get tired of.

Now, whether they think we won't like the original or what, they've got to change it for 'this' so called new generation. Which gives them the opportunity to use all the new fancy toys they got themselves. They think the new toys will make the movie better, but we all know it won't. Because sadly, it just won't have that old charm we all know and love.

So pretty much this is a post for my ranting and I'm sorry if you get lost and it's confusing, but.....I just had to get it out of my system. Truthfully I'm hoping this project fails and flops but I doubt that'll happen.

The only hope we all have is Kenny Ortega, whom choreographed the original and will be directing this remake. So cross our fingers that maybe some of the old charm will be there. I guess we'll see..... :(  

And here's the songs, sorry to say a couple are only :30 seconds but anyways I hope you enjoy. Sorry it's a link for some reason the actual playlist just doesn't want to post today.

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