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Now Live!! The Gleaners (Harvesting #2) by @AEhlersWrites

The Gleaners (Harvesting #2) by Ashley Ehlers
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2016
Genre: New Adult Horror


Escaping doesn’t mean it’s the end….

It’s been three weeks since Jason left Ashley at the gas station after their narrow escape from a family of human harvesters- his family’s competitors. Finding out that he used her only as bait, leads Ashley to go insane. He never truly loved her, or at least that’s what she believes, and now Ashley has to learn to move on. It’s the only way to be able to leave the mental institution and get back to her normal life. 

But things can never truly go back to normal. For fear that Jason’s infamous father might come after Ashley to finish things she gets sucked into the witness protection program. With a new name Ashley no longer exists to the world but it’s hard for her to just let go of who she was. Logging into her Facebook account has to be the second worst thing she’s ever done in her life but she didn’t think anyone would notice. Now during her first outing as a new woman, a stalker is leaving her threatening messages. Could it be someone from her past?

After leaving her, Jason is trying to not let his feelings for Ashley get the best of him. However being with her has changed him and he doesn’t know if he can continue being a part of the family business. Frustrated, he blows off steam with a random girl at a bar then hours later she ends up missing. Apparently his most recent hook ups have gone missing. Is someone close to him killing them off out of jealousy? This leads him to find out that his father might have a few dirty secrets that are more grotesque then the fact that he’s a human harvester.

All the while, Virginia is devastated but being locked up in a mental institution is better than being in jail after her mother framed her for the deaths of her stepfather and stepsister. Even though to make sure she doesn’t go crazy she has to constantly write down what truly happened that day up at her family’s cabin. And after her mother’s unexpected visit she might have found an ally in someone that was an enemy. However, once they escape the mental institution she’s thinking it would have been better and less bloody if they stayed there after all.

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An itch comes to my burn scars beneath my tattoo on my inner right arm. Fisting my hand, I ignore the sensation.
She hoped to scare the evil out of me but truth be told, it might have gotten her killed.
A memory I’ve tried so hard to forget comes forth. Her fingers hold tight, digging themselves into the back of my neck. Forcing me down, water immerses my head.
I thrash, clawing at her hand. My lungs burn, needing air but I continue to hold my breath. Kicking at her shin, she squeals but her grip tightens. Her nails piercing my flesh.
She shoves me in deeper and my blood mixes with the water around me, tinting it a mesmerizing color. Twisting my right wrist around, making me let go of the edge of the tube, a searing pain ignites through my flesh. A scream bursts through me, allowing water to move down my throat.
Behind us I hear muffled footsteps. Her hand comes away from my neck and I’m able to heft myself out.
Falling to the floor I take in deep breathes, coughing up some water. Eyes burning, I look around as I hold my wrist close to me. Mother isn’t in the room with me anymore, a lone cigarette bud burns on the floor near the foot of the tub. A blood curdling scream comes from deep within the house. My heart drops.
Bracing myself up I walk out of the room on trembling legs. Down the hall, dad is glancing over the railing. Peeking through the slits, mom is lying awkwardly on her front, a pool of blood is spreading beneath her face.

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~About the Author~


Newly married Ashley Ehlers now resides in San Diego with her husband who is currently stationed there. There in their cozy two bedroom apartment she finds the peace she’s been looking for. As they settle into the new chapters of their lives Ashley’s Muses are growing stronger than ever as inspiration is around every corner in her latest adventure.


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  2. Congratulations! I'm been waiting for this one! I hope to get started on it this week. Can not wait to see what's happening. That cover sure has me curious too:)