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Book Review: I Do Believe in Faeries (The Cotton Candy Quintet #3) by Erin Hayes

I Do Believe in Faeries (The Cotton Candy Quintet #3) by Erin Hayes
Publication Date: June 9th, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Pages: 125
Format: Kindle
Source: The Hype PR
Read: June 10th to 11th, 2016
Rating: 5/5


Abby knew that life wasn’t fair. 
That’s why she turned to the Fair Ones. 

Abby thinks she’s a disappointment. Even though she’s grown up in a family of powerful witches, she can’t use magick, she can’t connect to nature, she can’t do anything special – she’s just a normal human. 

And normal isn’t good enough for her. 

When faeries offer to grant her one wish, she doesn’t hesitate to wish for magick of her own. But wishes require a sacrifice. And that sacrifice is her friend Alaina's unborn baby. 

Magickal or not, Abby has to make things right. She ventures into Tír na nÓg to rescue the infant before it’s too late. There's only one problem. Once she’s there, she may never be able to leave. 

** I Do Believe in Faeries is a tie-in with How to be a Mermaid and I'd Rather be a Witch. It uses some of the same characters and can be read as a standalone or as a complement to it. **

So I just finished I Do Believe in Faeries and I'm so sad that it ended, I didn't want it to! I just wanted to be forever lost in between the pages.....well, at least until October came when I have to go pick up hubby from coming home from his deployment that is haha.

This is by far my favorite story from Mrs. Hayes and honestly I didn't think anything could top her story, I'd Rather Be a Witch but that is exactly what I Do Believe in Faeries did! This was such a magical tale that it was easy to get sucked into the world, for reality to melt away! I absolutely loved how easy this story flowed, I breezed right through it even though I desperately wanted to savor every single word!

I absolutely loved Abby and her journey, which swept me off my feet! Not once did this story drag and I loved all the different creatures around every corner, I loved the faerie realm Tír na nÓg! This was truly a magical read and I just couldn't get enough of it! Whenever I would have to set it down, it wouldn't leave my mind and I was excited to get back to it as soon as possible! And Robin, sigh, I was grinning ear to ear at the ending! I so desperately want another story with them two, to see how things are going, I'm sad to say goodbye to them!

Overall this is truly a swoon worthy read and not just for the romance, but for the beautifully written world Mrs. Hayes created for us! Truly a fantastic story that I wish I didn't have to leave! Sigh, I'll definitely have a book hangover with this one for sure, I won't know what to do with myself for a while! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in this amazing standalone series of hers!

*Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*

Sweet Readings Everybody!

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