Monday, October 3, 2011

Hollywood and Their Remakes

Over the weekend of 9/11 I saw a clip for the remake of Footloose. So, you sure as hell know I'm not okay with them doing this remake along also of the remake of Dirty Dancing. You can see me rant here.

Now, Hollywood, if you do a remake you got to follow the plot line and not change it. Because if you do, it just ruins the whole thing and ruins it for the people who grew up with this movie.

Here's the clip that changes the plot with one line;


If you've seen the original then you've caught the glitch.

See, in the original plot line dancing was against the law in this town and they had to work, I mean really work to get that dance, which is the whole reason of the movie. But if they have a dance every year and the adults take the time to do it then is there really a reason to rebel against. Yes, it's one dance but it's more than what the original cast got. They had to go out of their ways, like traveling to other towns to dance, and fight and bicker with their parents until they got the point across.

So for me, that is, that one line ruined the whole reason, the conclusion , the big event of the movie. Now, I'm really trying not to judge or be a hater but I loves me the original. And this is just my opinion and if you don't like it then don't read it. :)

Nighty Night, Everybody.....!  

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