Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Soul to Take

In the sleepy town of Riverton, legend tells of a serial killer who swore he would return to murder the seven children born the night he died. Now, 16 years later, people are disappearing again. Has the psychopath been reincarnated as one of the seven teens, or did he survive the night he was left for dead? Only one of the kids knows the answer.

Adam "Bug" Heller (Max Thieriot) was supposed to die on the last night the Riverton Ripper wrecked havoc on that terrifying night. Unaware of terrifying crimes being committed to the seven children, he has been plagued by nightmares of their murders while not aware if they hold true or if he is simply imagining the images that haunt him. But if Bug hopes to save his friends from the monster that's returned, he must face an evil that won't rest...until it finishes the job it began the day he was born.

Wes Craven has done it again ladies and gentlemen. He's newest film, that isn't a part of the scream series, which by the way I love though that's not what we're talking about today. No, we're talking about the 90's style of My Soul To Take.

So, first off, I think what I love most about this film by Wes Craven was...the actors and actress he choose to do this movie. Because they are unknown, not A Lister's, people that I've only seen in a couple of movies, so we weren't watching only because of them but it was of the story that brought us to the couch.

Okay, that's a lie, I also wanted to watch for the reason of Max Thieriot whom plays the main guy, Bug. Which he played very well to say the least.        

Second, the story, it intrigued me and I wanted to learn more about it. It kept me guessing all the way through until the last few scenes. Though I'll have to admit, I did second guess myself but only once then I got right back on track.

There are a few weird scenes showing off the mental health of the main character, Bug, but it's all a part of the story line, giving you a few ideas to think about.

However, I feel like there's a lot of hate on this movie but I can tell you that it's certainly not coming from me. Maybe because of the director, I don't know. But maybe it's the style and for some reason I also feel that the 90's, in the horror genre, don't get much appreciation now a days and I just don't know why.

Yes, the ones made in the 90's even the style, can be a little cheesy at times but there's just this certain charm to them, you know. Instead they rather remake them.

And, Yes. I'll admit I am a hater on most remakes, mostly on the ones were I have seen the original.

Lastly there are a few creepy moments so if you're veiwing this at night you should, either have the lights on or make sure your back is against a wall. But trust me, when you're watching you'll feel like someones spying on you and you'll get a few goosebumps along the way. :)

Recommended for horror fans alike and lovers of a good scare. Or for peolpe that just want to relax and waste time.

4 hearts
<3 <3 <3 <3

Happy Veiwing!

And yes, watching horror movies is relaxing for me :)


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