Saturday, January 26, 2013

Know Me Better (11)

Know Me Better is a Weekly Meme hosted by I'm A Reader, Not A Writer.
Each week she'll pick 5 questions off of her author's interview list to answer and invites us to join in on the fun, giving a way for our readers to get to know us better.
Top 5 songs on your playlist?
A: Ooh, wow. Okay, I live in music so I’ll just tell you that right now I have a playlist of songs that are inspiring me on some of my new book ideas I have, so here it is:
Never Let Me Go by Florence and the Machines
Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia
Remember When by Chris Wallace
One Night Stand by Sam Gray
Come Along by Vicci Martinez
T: I love music, too. So I got a lot. These are my top five right now.
Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
Distance by Christina Perri
Dear Jack by Jack’s Mannequin
Light Up the Sky by Yellowcard
Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

How much time do you spend reading each week?
A: A lot, but not enough haha. It all depends on when I have free time away from the real world.
T: It varies. Some weeks I read a lot. Sometimes a lot less than I like.

What is the last thing you Googled?
A: Song lyrics for Take A Walk by Passion Pit, I love the chorus but I knew I was singing one part wrong as it was a little hard to tell what they were saying haha nonetheless, I adore this and it gets me moving!
T: Google. I was bored and I was curious. And with me those two things together usually isn’t a good thing.

Favorite places to travel?
A: I actually don’t really travel. Just places that are 30 or so minutes away, same old same old. But the last place I travel to was with my man to Jackson, CA. We mainly just walked a street full of small little shops and cafes, it was a blast especially the used book store that I can’t wait to go back to on Feb 14 :D
T: Like my sister, I don’t travel a lot. I’ve been to Disneyland and that was awesome. I would definitely love to travel more.

What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day?
A: Curled up in blankets and reading away or if I am lucky, warped in my man’s big arms <3
T: First off, I love having hot chocolate in the morning, then I read, watch some movies, or play a few video games.
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  1. Awesome! You girls are from California. Me too!

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