Monday, January 14, 2013

{Movie} Review: The Final


Unpopular high school student Dane leads a group of outcasts seeking revenge on the "cool" kids who harassed and humiliated them for years, and their plan includes gruesome forms of torture learned in history class and horror films.

When it comes to horror movies most of the time I don’t get very crept out but the few I do get crept out from have to consist of mental scares. The ones where you see the victims having to torture someone they care deeply about just to save their own butts. And this one does it well.

I really don’t get it, I can handle the Saw movies but watching this one at night while being in my boyfriend’s arms, I had to keep covering my eyes. This movie is about five outcasts taking revenge on the ones that bully them. One night they sneak in to a costume party that these so called bullies will be attending and of course their costumes are a bit on the creepy side, or maybe its cause you know they’re up to something. Anyways, you see them spike the punch with some kind of drug that knocks everybody out and that’s when their revenge begins.

I’ll have to say, that their torturing methods they used were quite unique for me. The techniques they used to torture their fellow classmates were all new ways of torture that I have seen and they truly put the goose bumps along your arms *shudder*. And as the time goes by you’ll realize who the girl was in the beginning scene of the movie (seriously an on the edge scene) and what happens to her is seriously devastating.

This movie can be enjoyable and if you can handle this kind of stuff then you’ll like it. However, it lost its scare facture a bit when the creators messed up. In the middle of the movie they kill of two of the outcasts, except, in the next scenes they are still in the abandoned place torturing the bullies. So that just irked me and my boyfriend to the t. We could no longer take this movie so serious anymore. Lost our attention of what was going on cause all we kept doing was commenting on the now living dead people.

Overall this is an alright movie. Something to only watch if there is nothing else going on.

Happy Viewing Everybody!

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