Friday, July 12, 2013

Movie Review: The First Time

A romantic comedy centered on the two high schoolers: Dave, who until now has pined for a girl he can't have, and Aubrey, a creative type who's dating a guy who doesn't quite understand her.
~My Thoughts~
If it wasn't for Dylan O'Brien I wouldn't have finished the movie. Truthfully this movie isn't so great, it was just okay. I got bored in a few scenes and if I wanted to, I could have just walked away and I wouldn't have regretted it. Actually I was also editing my latest short story I'll be publishing soon, while watching this movie so it was one that couldn't really hold me. The only time I really got hooked was when Dylan was in the scene. Best thing about this movie.
So pretty much this guy is in love with this girl but he just doesn't have the nerve to tell her. He then meets Britt's character and that slowly changes things. Okay, actually it changes things very quickly and too quickly for my taste as this movie takes place over a weekend, two days people. I know teens and their relationships move fast, so pretty much that's what this movie is all about but at the end they supposedly love each other. Or at least want to make it work after sleeping with each on the second day they know each other, the product of teenage hormones people. Oh yeah, did I mention it was both their "first times".
Me, I didn't really see a great connection between the two characters and if there was any connection at all it was all coming from Dylan's character. He actually got to know her and what not. He was becoming a love sick puppy while she wasn't really into it. Maybe if they cast another actress for the main gal I might have liked it better. I do like Britt, however, in all her roles she's exactly the same, no difference in her characters at all! Like, seriously? So for this movie I wasn't a big fan of her. She was like the dude of this relationship while Dylan had actual emotions, making him even more adorable than usual. Seriously, I have a little crush on this guy but who can blame me.
Overall another movie where the trailer was better than the actually hour and a half. I thought this was going to be cute, all romantic and what not but it wasn't. It was more on the serious side, kind of, so I was turned off of it a bit. Plus the pacing of it, randomness, and how it was just put together wasn't that great. One scene I do have to talk about is the car accident they drive by, part of the randomness. Earlier in the movie a bunch of drunken dudes come and ask for directions for a party. They tell them and the drunken dudes ask if they want a ride but they declined. The next day they see the drunken dudes car totaled and Britt's character freaks out. Like I get that it could have been them too but it was just so random. I know death is scary, I have a major fear of it, I can give myself small panic attacks because of it but this was just so random to me. I don't know, I get it but I just feel like this movie didn't really need it *shrugs*.
If you like Sundance movies then this movie is for you. If not then I say pass it.
It will make you shrill
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