Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Songs (27)

 "Girl you cut those jeans just right
I know you didn't buy 'em like that
So baby don't even try that
You dance, Oh you move
Like there ain't nobody watchin'
But girl you know I'm watchin'

Don't lie, you've got it all figured out
That smile has got me spinnin' around
Don't even try actin' like it ain't no thing
Cause I can see you move a little closer, closer"

Yeah, we girls are sneaky. We know how to make you boys fall, haha.
Just heard this on the radio and now I'm hooked! Can't get enough and it's a great song to get your hips moving.
Don't Ya by Brett Eldredge is a new summer hit for me

Happy Listening Everybody!

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