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Ashley's Review: Soul Oath (Everlast #2) by Juliana Haygert

Soul Oath (Everlast, #2)
Soul Oath (Everlast #2) by Juliana Haygert
Publication Date: November 25th 2013
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Pages: 334
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
Sequel of Destiny Gift (Everlast #1) - contains spoilers:

It’s been three months since Nadine last heard from Victor, Micah or Ceris, allowing her to concentrate on her own life. But until Victor and Micah find the scepters that will restore them as true gods, their human bodies will require her healing touch and it’s only a matter of time until they wreak havoc on her life again.

As if to prove that, Victor shows up at the hospital dragging along with him a swarm of demons. Nadine is forced to flee to safety. Despite her attempts to keep her loved ones protected, the demons find her, and they bring her to Imha, the goddess of Chaos.

Now, confronted by her greatest fear, Nadine finds a new motivation. Vengeance. And when seeking revenge, no risk is too great, including her own life.

**New Adult Fantasy Novel**
~My Thoughts~

Omg, I didn’t think this world could get any scarier than the first one but I guess I was wrong! Though Soul Oath is written three months after Destiny Gift, it doesn’t take long before the heart racing action begins. And thank god for that! After the cliffhanger of the first one I did not want to wait 50 or so pages till the story actually got somewhere. Mrs. Haygert did an amazing job at always keeping me on my toes!
It isn’t long before the bats start attacking, getting worse with every passing minute, and they’re fiercer than before, determined to get Nadine’s blood. Poor Nadine! Lost and torn between two worlds, not really fitting into either one as she’s just been a pawn in a game. Though when she gets sucked back into this world, this war with the gods she’s out to prove to everyone that she isn’t just this weak little human.
However she doesn’t get this rush of determination till she loses something very precious to her. And oh my god, that was such a shocking turn of events. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Mrs. Haygert writes breathtaking twist and turns, I honestly did not know where this story was heading! (Sometimes I felt like things dragged or was unsure with where things were going, however at the end everything made sense and I don’t think you could write it any other way) Trust me, you may think you know where it’s going but Mrs. Haygert is good at pulling the rug right out from under you.
Now let’s talk about the romance, shall we. In Destiny Gift it was all about Victor however as the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place we find out a secret about him and that he’s completely off limits. Poor Nadine! So in this one it’s all about Micah and oh my God! Nadine and his relationship develop at a pace that felt just right. Throughout the book you see that he cares and is concerned about her but of course there’s something holding him back, there’s always something. But not matter what, I became smitten and was so excited when Cup of Life (Everlast #2.5) was written in his point of view! Of course I jumped the gun with that one as soon as I finished this one!
Overall this world is so spine chilling, so actioned packed that I had to sometimes put down the book so I could breathe again haha. But no fear, this hooked me and when I was on a roll there was no way you could pry this out of my hands!

In just 321 pages Mrs. Haygert has you sitting on the edge of your seat one moment, then smitten with a very hot and heavy romance in the next, then in another your heart strings are being pulled every which way. Soul Oath is a read that’ll take a hold of you and you’ll be okay with it cause once you reach the end you’ll be wishing for more!
*Was given a free copy by the author in exchange for my honest opinions*
4.5 Bats
Will disturb your being
~Sequel To~
Destiny Gift (Everlast, #1)
Sweet Readings Everybody!

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