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{Ashley's Release Day Review} Cursing at the Sky (Girls & Ghosts #1) by Anne Michaud

Cursing at the Sky
Cursing at the Sky (Girls & Ghosts #1) by Anne Michaud
Publication Date: November 18th 2014
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
Read: November 17 to 18, 2014
Before the accident and the wheelchair, there were the echoes.

Drug abuse and alcohol are part of Ina's life; just like the ghosts that haunt her nights. She draws their faces on her bedroom wall, hope this will quiet the echoes of their whispers.

Until the night a car accident changes her life forever.

Now sober and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, Ina's nights are still filled with haunting whispers as the ghosts beg her for help. Desperate for peace, she contemplates returning to the only way she knows to silence them, but her family take their own desperate measures and have her locked away.

Ina must learn what the spirits truly want, or be haunted by their echoes for the rest of her life.
~My Thoughts~
I honestly couldn't imagine going through what Ina went through, I don't think anyone could.
"Not pretty at times, but a story that needed to be told..."
I absolutely loved Anne for saying that, it was a story she had to write and it wasn't just written for the fans. Not every story has to be a happy one, if they all were it would be a very boring, unoriginal world. And this certainly is not boring and unoriginal! It's intriguing and gripping which is why, I don't know why when I first started reading a while back, I didn't read it in one sitting (cause it's very possible being only like 30 or so pages long).
But no matter, whenever I got to reading it, it would pull me in with no problem! Ina's pain is visible and through Anne's words and storytelling it isn't hard for her pain to seep into your own bones. Ina's emotions are strong and she isn't afraid to say it how it is, the rawness of her character makes this read feel very refreshing!
Reading Anne's previous reads I knew what I was getting myself into, but even then, I don't think I was fully prepared. I loved that this was truly thought provoking, is Ina crazy or can she really see ghost? I vote for the latter, but I like the twist that maybe she is just crazy cause she's the only one that can see the echos. Reminds me of one of Anne's short stories in Girls vs. Monsters. The ending was absolutely brilliant! It definitely gets you thinking and I just had to reread it again cause I didn't want it to end! I was hoping some more of Anne's words would just magically appear haha. To say the least, I'm excited for the next one in the series which is coming out in January!
Overall, behind Ina's eyes we watch her heal throughout the story and come to terms with her new life. It was difficult in the beginning (and why wouldn't it be) and as she's going day by day we get glimpses of the past and how she came to losing her legs. I absolutely loved the echos, but since they drove her to drinking and doing drugs to shut them up, they definitely bring in the creepy factor. Brought chills to my spine! So if you love raw, emotional, gripping, with a little creepy on the side kind of stories then I definitely recommend this novella! I've read quite a few these days and not all can pull off a short story that grips you and able to tie everything nicely at the end but Anne definitely is able to do that!
Honestly, I feel like I should be going on and on about this amazing book! And reviewing, putting out how I feel about it into words, just feels a little hard. I mean, it isn't easy to write a review on a great book without rambling or sounding like you're repeating yourself because I feel like there's just so much more to say! But I think you get the gist of things haha. Seriously, check out this book! You won't regret it!
Sweet Readings!
*Got a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest review, this in no way affected my opinion on it*

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