Thursday, November 27, 2014

Writing Update: Editing and working on a new WIP

While dog sitting this month I finally grabbed a red pen and started editing The Gatherers, prequel to The Harvesters. I still do (hope) plan to publish it January 23rd, so the two weeks before that date I'll be finishing editing and making it perfect till I think it's ready for publication because I don't think I'll have any relaxing moments next month to get to that nitty gritty stuff. Instead I'll be working on the little details, final head count, turning in final payments, wine tasting, make-up trails, bridal shower, packing, engagement photos, and all the other nitty gritty stuff for my wedding to my hero January 3rd.
So for those first two weeks at my new home and in a new city, I'll finally have some relaxing moments to get back into the swing of things. What better way than to publish a book right haha. Unless something changes or my cover artist doesn't get back to me with my new last name on the cover, then I'll publish it early February. Maybe Valentine's Day? Because that plays a part in the book. We'll see, but I'm really hoping to keep the original publication date. 
Also, started on another New Adult short story. It's based off an idea I got a year ago. I started writing it back then but once I wrote the opening scene I just wasn't feeling it anymore. But I got inspired to have another go at it again because an indie publishing house is looking for analogy submissions and that day I saw that post something just clicked and I typed out over 2,500 words. A record for me baby! 
I haven't gotten back to it but I miss writing for it so much and I'm just dying to get back to it again! Submissions end in February so we'll see if I can finish in time! If not, then I'll no doubt publish it on my own because it's definitely something I want to share with you guys! And to me, I think it's definitely the darkest thing I've ever written before (if that's possible), I'm so excited! With growing within my writing, I think that's helped a lot and it's taking this story where it's supposed to go and where I wanted it to go a year ago. And I think it was meant to be written now instead of last year because of that reason. The words were just flying and after writing over 2000 words that day, I felt truly amazing and like I was flying with seeing how much I accomplished! It's a fabulous feeling and I can't wait to get back to it!
So, if I do end up publishing it on my own we could be looking at a summer release? Fingers crossed!
Stay Tuned!

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