Monday, March 14, 2016

Mini Book Review: Smells Like Zombie Spirit (Megan Berry Zombie Settler #2) by Stacey Jay

Smells Like Zombie Spirit (Megan Berry Zombie Settler #2) by Stacey Jay
Publication Date: November 13th, 2015
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Pages: 71
Format: Kindle
Source: Bought
Read: March 7th, 2016
Rating: 4/5




Pom squad tryouts are well underway, bloodthirsty zombies are still in too-abundant supply, someone has it in for Megan's homecoming date and The World's Most Perfect dress, and Megan is stuck with a tutor-babysitter-bodyguard who has decided the only way to protect her is to pretend to be her boyfriend.

And what's the only thing more pathetic than having a fake boyfriend?

(Secretly wishing he was a real one.)

Megan's crush on Ethan is reaching deadly proportions, but so are the zombie attacks in Carol, Arkansas. Are her skills ready to take on her biggest, scariest challenge yet?

Or will she falter in the face of a triple dose of Undead trouble?

Alert: Smells like Zombie Spirit was originally published as part of the full length novel You Are So Undead to Me in 2009. It has been extensively revised for re-publication in SERIAL format.

~My Thoughts~

It's kind of weird rereading this in serial form. I like that they're short so I can quickly read them but I'm not devouring them like I would if it was in a full length novel like originally. Other than that, I'm truly enjoying this like before! 

As I'm reading I'm trying hard to figure out who's doing this, who's sending these reanimated zombies at Megan. I feel like I sort of remember who's doing this but it's been like seven years, so it's fun rereading and trying to see if I can piece it all together!

Overall I still love the drama, the action, and watching Megan learn her powers as a zombie settler! Though I don't think there was a lot of zombie action in this one like the first one (again, weird reviewing this as a serial) but it was still fun and I'm dying to read the next one!

Sweet Readings Everybody!

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