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Review: The Thrill Club by R.L Stine

The Thrill Club (Fear Street, #24)
The Thrill Club (Fear Street #24) by R.L Stine
Publucation Date: May 1st 1994
Genre: YA Horror
Pages: 160
Talia Blanton could scare you to death.

She writes horror stories- stories that often give her friends starring roles.

Everyone loves Talia's terrifying tales- until they start to come true. One by one, Talia's friends become Talia's victims.

Is Talia making her stories come true? Or is someone trying to turn Talia's real life into a horror story?

Young readers join R.L. Stine on a new adventure in terror, as he adds a unique and deadly twist to his terrifying thriller stories. Fear Street remains among the fastest-growing young adult series. Watch for a new Fear Street title each month.
~My Thoughts~
This book, like all of R.L Stine’s Fear Street books, is a major page turner and one I just didn’t want to put down. One that you can read in a day if life allows you to.
The story starts off with an intense scene and that sets the horrific tone for this fun, short read. If you love horror and a good mystery, then look no further. R.L Stine is good at putting a chill to your spine and great at always having you second guessing yourself in whom the killer is of late on Fear Street.
There are a few moments within this book where the point of view changes from the main character Talia, these scenes are great on moving along the mystery and they help put more suspense into the story line. I enjoyed these moments of seeing behind the eyes of the other members of the Thrill Club, cause these moments also seemed to cause me to second guess myself when I think I know who the killer could be.
Honestly,  there was an element I guessed right that would be a part of the big picture in the end but other than that one thing, I was pretty much clueless and was happy by the surprise I got when I found out why the killer was murdering the members of the club. And when I found out I love it when a light bulb goes off and I start to piece the puzzle together, who doesn’t love when this happens?
Overall, this was an entertaining horror story and another reason why I just love R.L Stine’s writing. The characters were all great and they all made the story interesting with their different personalities. Talia was a good main character, I loved that she was into writing horror stories as am I, so she helped hooked me with that little hobby of hers. But sometimes she seemed a bit whiny but at the end you'll understand why. The story line kept me on the edge and all those cliffhangers at the end of the chapters just always had me craving for more. Especially when it happened to deal with something being bloody.

Will disturb your being

Happy Reading My Fellow Bookworms!

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