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Review: Winter Fae (Armored Hearts 0.5) by Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden

Winter Fae (Armored Hearts, #0.5)
Winter Fae (Armored Hearts 0.5) by Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden
Publication Date: December 13th 2012
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Pages: 19
Format: Kindle
Source: Free on Amazon
~The Short Story Prequel to ARMORED HEARTS (Steampunk Fantasy)~

Once upon a time, a fairy princess gave up her home, her family, and her birthright for the love of a human lord. But life outside has made her sick. When she returns to the land of fae with her son, she discovers things are not as they should be. Will she find the healing she so desperately seeks for herself and invalid son? Or will she be received with the coldness of winter?
~My Thoughts~
After reading Armored Hearts I was dying to get back into this world with the prequel, Winter Fae. This is truly a short story, with only maybe 19 pages. So it’s quick, easy, and reads smoothly by capturing you!
If you read Armored Hearts (which I advise you to read before this prequel) this is where we find out what happened to Gareth’s mother. It’s truly devastating and your heart just hopes all will turn out well for this young mother.
Overall I was dying for it to be longer than it was! Yes, I’m satisfied with how it went but sometimes we readers can be greedy for more, more, more! It was cool to see small bits of where Gareth came from, where his faerie lines lie, but I wish we were able to dive just a little bit deeper as it all moved too quickly for me. However, I’m pleased with how this story unfolded and the details will sweep around you, enveloping you in this picturesque world that the authors have created for us! Definitely a fun series I most recommend!

Will disturb your being
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