Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Review: Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4) by Kevin Richey

Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4)
Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4) by Kevin Richey
Publication Date: April 13th, 2012
Genre: Zombie Horror
Pages: 44
Format: Paperback (Zombie Fairy Tales Collection)
Source: Gifted
Read: April 27th, 2015
After zombie wolves attack one of her admirers, Red Riding Hood fears the woods may never be safe again. But when the man returns from the wolves' clutches with deadly new appetites, she must take a dark new path to reach her grandmother's house—a path drenched with blood.
~My Thoughts~
I love stories that involve wolves and ones that are disturbing and monstrous are exactly the ones I love to read about! I was absolutely excited to read Blood Red Riding Hood! I was instantly hooked finding we got to be behind the eyes of the huntsman.
The huntsman is escorting (I believe) Red and her Grandmother through the woods until a pack of decaying wolves surround them. For them to get away, Grandma the badass she is, decides to take out the huntsman's knee and leaves him to the wolves. When I read this, my eyes bugged out and I just had to see what was going to happen next!
So much happens next, I feel like this one was the most action packed one I've read yet! This is definitely a path drenched with blood for Red. I just couldn't get enough of it! And as she's running for her grandmothers home we get a glimpse of characters from the previous stories, love!
Overall, Blood Red Riding Hood was AWESOME! The details were amazing, the pace was perfect, and honestly, I didn't want it to end! And the ending was brilliant, Red finally got her wish. I thought that was a unique twist Kevin Richey brought to the table with this retailing. I just can't get enough of this series!
Sweet Readings Everybody!

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