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Review: Hansel and Gretel are Dead (Zombie Fairy Tales #2) by Kevin Richey

Hansel and Gretel Are Dead (Zombie Fairy Tales #2)
Hansel and Gretel are Dead (Zombie Fairy Tales #2) by Kevin Richey
Publication Date: February 13th, 2012
Genre: Zombie Horror
Pages: 45
Format: Paperback (Zombie Fairy Tales Collection)
Source: Gifted
Read: April 10th, 2015
After being infected by the zombie pestilence, Hansel and Gretel are left to die in the woods. Sick and hungry, they find their way to the home of a lonely old woman who happens to be a cannibal. But when Hansel and Gretel refuse to stay dead, the old hag finds she may have bitten off more than she can chew.
~My Thoughts~
*Small spoilers if you haven't read The Zombie Pinocchio*
Hansel & Gretel are Dead starts off where The Zombie Pinocchio left off. Geppetto is being hanged and Hansel & Gretel want to watch it happened just like the rest of the village does. Here we get a glimpse of the ugly stepsisters and I can't wait to reread Zombie Cinderella!
Anyways, Geppetto is going through the change and infects Hansel & Gretel when the executioner chops his head off. Their change isn't right away. Yes, they start to look different on the outside, which is why their mom wants them to be taken out into the woods, but mentally they haven't changed. That is, until they get their first bite of flesh.
If you're a horror and zombie fan then I believe you'll enjoy this short! With a new twist on this classic tale and enticing details, it's like no other. Kevin Richey's work is quite unique and one that makes you crave more if you love the twisted. I loved how the old woman in this short captures the children she wants to eat, this story is definitely not for the weak hearted.
Overall Kevin Richey has done it again! I absolutely enjoyed this new take on Hansel & Gretel and I can't wait to read the next zombiefied fairy tale by him!
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  1. I'm going to be reading all of the series soon. Loved his mermaid tale. So ghoulish. These are my type of stories, for sure. So glad you liked this one.