Saturday, November 19, 2011

Body Snatchers

Family moves to military base for the summer, but the soldiers are behaving even more strangely than usual. Is it a toxic spill as suggested or is it something more sinister?

A family of four (Father, Daughter, Step mom & son) move onto a military base for a short time because the father is doing test on the land for toxins. And on his first trip up in the lands he is confronted by Major Collins, whom is very concern about his people because he sense something is wrong with them.

Which we the viewers see very quickly. The pace is subtle and the creeps are spine chilling. I think the most creepiest is the one that happens in the day care which involves the young boy. The class is painting and when the teacher ask them to hold up their work, one by one, the same exact red blotchy portrait pops up in the little kids hands except for one, the new kid in town. And that's when the glare down happen. The teacher was glaring at the little boy, like, in disgust. No teacher should do that, especially to little kids.

I think the reason why that's the creepiest is because of the kids, kids can be very creepy, definitely in horror movies. *shudders*

Even the little boy got the chills, so, he runs away from the school. Next thing you see is he's running the grounds of the military base trying to escape this place, but he doesn't get far. Cue in tall, dark, & handsome. On his wanna be run away he gets picked up by Tim the helicopter flier (Whom later's on has a small romance with Andy's, the little boy, Older sister Marti) I love that name by the way)) and Tim takes him home, where he meets older sister.

So the first half you see the quirks of the town and sadly or not so sadly (which ever way you look at it) the step mom joins in the quirks. One major one is garbage day, every signal person is standing outside holding the bag waiting for the truck to come so they can hand it to them personally, creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The real actions starts off later, when the creatures try to take over the rest of the family but doesn't thanks to the sister. And then all hell breaks loose, the base goes crazy, humans fighting against these beings, and if you get noticed *shudders* they squeak out this irking screech, telling everyone you're human.

You can't trust anyone that's been out of your sights because they might not be who you thought they were before.

A great old movie to cuddle and get cozy to on a nice quiet day, perfect for horror or SyFy lovers. I enjoyed this film and could watch it again, so, I give it

4 hearts
       <3 <3 <3 <3     

They get you when you sleep.

Where you gonna go, where you gonna run, where you gonna hide? Nowhere... 'cause there's no one like you left. 

Happy Viewing!

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