Friday, November 25, 2011

A Family Thanksgiving

A lawyer trying to make partner is shown the joys of living a more balanced life.

Hallmark Channel, how I love thee!

Okay, sorry, just had to get that out of my system. So just like any Hallmark movie there's this certain charm which creates this spark inside you that just grows, creeping it's way  up to your heart and you, you just know it's going to be amazing.....or at least, fun. Which this was, very fun.

Claudia, the main character played by Daphne Zuniga, is a lawyer working her way up the ladder and is so close to making partner her dream. But sadly for her someone caught an interest in her and not in her favor (at least in her mind). Enter Gina, someone who wants to fix Claudia, but of course she doesn't feel like she needs fixing because she's got everything she wants. 

"My friends are my family, that firm is my spouse, my life is perfect." 

Right, if it was so perfect then Gina wouldn't be in the picture. You could tell in the beginning that Gina wasn't just a human, she has a slight touch of magic. But for my disliking she doesn't show much of it and isn't in a lot of the film, though when she is you just can't help but smile at her crazy ways. She starts off softly, coaxing her way up to Claudia but all she does is shoe her off, which of course isn't a good thing. You never ignore a magical being.

After a few tries Claudia finally said yes to Gina that she'll listen to whatever she has to say. So while in the car, Claudia is on the phone texting, Gina starts to get impatient with her and decides to do it the hard way. Making the car stop, braking so fast that Claudia hits her head and that's when the fun begins. 

Just because you want a career doesn't mean you can't have anything else.

Gina's here to teach her to have balance in her life because all work and no play can't be healthy for someone. 

In a different world than her own, she's a house wife with two younglings. And she learns quickly there's a reason why we don't give that much sugar to young kids. Yes, it helps quite them up but do you really want to deal with the aftermath. The little kids were so cute and adorable, I just loved the little girl she was so sweet. They helped make this movie even more enjoyable. 

At first, she dragged the kids around trying to figure out what happen but in the end she sees that no one can help her but the crazy lady, which she can't find when she needs her. Slowly dealing life as a mother she waits for morning to come and hopes that it will all be fixed. But of course it's not. She isn't ready to go back to her world. 

You start to see she enjoys being a mother before she realizes it herself. Her subconscious knows the truth. Though being a wife, well, that's another story

Funny, quirky moments will have you smiling. I loved everything, mostly in the beginning of her learning how to be a mom and that door to the mini van. If you're a mom I think you could relate more than anyone but it's still a great family film with the Thanksgiving spirit. Yes, a movie around Thanksgiving actually about Thanksgiving. 

4 hearts
      <3 <3 <3 <3    


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