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Queen of the Dead

Queen of the Dead (The Ghost & The Goth #2) by Stacey Kade
Publication Date: May 31st 2011
Genre: YA Paranormal


The Ghost

Okay, I admit it. I'm not perfect, no matter what you've heard. First of, I'm dead. Second, I got sent back from the great beyond. I mean, seriously, who is running things up there? Now I have to spend the summer after my senior year working-and on behalf of a bunch of whiny spirits, no less. But a girls got to do what a girl's got to do.

It's a good thing Will Killian is still around. Even though he drives me crazy, and he could seriously do with a tan-Hello! It's summer!-I'm glad he's here to help me. Correction: Was here to help me. Now he's all distracted by this frizzy-haired girl who can-big deal-communicate with the dead, too. Whatever. I don't need Will. But there are some things-like saving my parents from a couple of horrible mistakes-that would be easier with his assistance. Still, I will get what I want......with or without him.

The Goth

I'm still totally amazed that Alona Dare is my spirit guide and that it works. Yes, I've had a crush on her since sixth grade, but I also kind of hated her. And sure, she had to die before she'd talk to me-but I don't know, I kind of like having her around.

But things get confusing when I meet Mina, who's the first ghost-talker I've ever encounted (other than my dad.) I always thought Alona and I were doing the right thing helping those other ghosts, but Mina has me thinking other wise. Plus, she might know stuff about my dad that even my mom doesn't. But if there's one thing I should have learned by now, it's not to ingore Alona. That's never a good idea.

Packed with romance, lovable characters, and a killer cliffhanger, Queen of the Dead is the out-of-this-world sequel to The Ghost and the Goth.

My Thoughts:

I'm sad and happy. Sad, though not because of this book, because that this book was the last of my Borders haul :(......however, I'm happy because I very much enjoyed this book. It's always nice to go back, once in awhile, were you already know the back story. It's refreshing, definitely when it's a series you enjoy, were you love the characters, the world, and story line. Though, why else would you go back if you didn't.

Gosh, where to start. Well, there's action. And lots of it, from beginning to end. In the first chapter you see the two maybe more than friends but in reality....they don't know. So it's very cute seeing each of their thoughts when they think about the situation. But that slowly disappears when Will meets Mina, which is another ghost talker. Soon she, Mina, has him thinking about other things, like, how do the people they send the messages to, from the spirits, feel afterwards. And when he finds out that she knows more stuff about his dad than he does, he just can't stop thinking about her.

So, with all of this going through his mind and when he start thinking about the humans more than the spirits he begins to ignore Alona, which is so not a good idea. In a vulnerable state after seeing her parents moving on from her death, even though it's only been two months, she goes to get help from Will. But when she doesn't get it and all they do is argue she leaves frustrated and determined to do what ever it takes to get someone, anybody to get a message across to her parents. And when I mean anybody, it's exactly what she does, which is a great surprise for the readers.

There's twist and turns that can be enjoyed by everyone. My favorite would have to be the one at the end, in the last chapter. It had me smiling from ear to ear and I just loved it. I think I loved reading more of Alona mostly because of the crazy and unhealthily stunt she does. I promise, your jaw will be dropped when you read this, yesiree. :)

Lots of drama, action were you don't know where it's going to take you, and little flutters of romance for some spirits will have you flying through this book in no time. I give it,

5 hearts
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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