Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome to my new journey!

My dad pointed out to me that whenever I get a review request or a chance to help promote a book for an author, that's when I truly light up. That's when he can see an over flow of joy in my eyes. And he's right, I love helping to promote books and doing reviews for authors.

I'm at the crossroads in life, still trying to find my way, and because of that he suggested I try to find some way to turn this joy into a profit. Into a way where I can make a living doing something I truly love! So here I am. I've been thinking about starting this touring company for a while now but him saying that to me pushed me to finally jump head first.

Since I don't have a "day job" if you order a request from me you'll have my full attention. I get a thrill out of this so I promise to make this the best experience ever! Plus I'm an indie author myself so I know how it feels when we're selling an arm and a leg just to promote a book that hardly cost that much to publish in the first place, so here I promise you'll find the most affordable prices with very effective services!

Cheapest: Reviews only tour: $10/for 1 week & Expensive: A Possession Tour: $45/for 4 weeks

Along with me Jaimie Admans, author of Afterlife Academy and Not Pretty Enough, is going to join me along this journey by being my banner designer for all tours and book blasts. I'm so glad to be working with her and I'm excited for you guys as she's an amazing designer!

So let's get going and have some fun!

My Stats for- Paranormal Sisters
Monthly Page views average 10,000+
GFC- 100+
Twitter- 1,000+
I work hard on my blog and I’ll work just as hard to help promote your books!
P.S If you're fans of my book reviewing blog, I promise this will not get in the way. Along with my writing. These are all the things I love so they'll have my attention no matter what! They already take over my life haha so I doubt this new amazing adventure of mine will get in my way of reviewing or writing!
I've already got a Twitter up for this site, I hope to soon have a Facebook page for up y'all!
To join tours, reveals, or blasts you don't have to sign up as a tour host. However if you like to so you can be the first to know about the latest stuff then sign up here Bloggers and Authors are welcome!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I can't wait to get started for y'all!

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