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Review: Cum for Bigfoot (Cum for Bigfoot #1) by Virginia Wade

Cum For Bigfoot (Cum For Bigfoot #1)

Cum for Bigfoot (Cum for Bigfoot #1) by Virginia Wade
Publication Date: December 11th 2011
Genre: Adult Erotic
Format: Kindle (Moan for Bigfoot)
Source: Free on Amazon


Book 1 of The Monster Sex Series

If you go into the woods today…

On a week long outing in Mt. Hood National Forest, what begins as a flirty, fun filled trip soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature kidnaps a group of teen girls with the purpose of procreating with them.

This story contains oral sex, fingering, forced consent, penetration with a large object, and ménage à trois. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

~My Thoughts~

Yeah, my curiosity got the best of me. And how couldn't it with a title like that haha. Originally called Moan for Bigfoot, I found this title for free as I was looking through the "customers also liked" section as I love trying to find me some free books.
Cum for Bigfoot is B movie galore! Where a group of teens (18 year olds) go off for a camping trip, get themselves kidnapped, loved on by a vibrator, and King Kong finally gets his Ann. Surprisingly when the teens got sexually assaulted by Bigfoot it didn't make me uncomfortable like that sort of thing usually does, I think it’s because the idea of it is just so out there haha. Plus the equipment Mrs. Wade gave, Leonard the Bigfoot, was quite distracting ;). He was the size most guys want to be and most girls say they want but deep down they're afraid it might damage a few walls haha.
I think the only few things that were disturbing was that the main girl slept with her friends step dad, those two were freaking flirting in front of the son for gods sake. Though I get, or I hope I do, why this was put into the story. Its foreshadowing the pleasure Porsche will have with the apes length. And the other would be the ape fingering her, the details of that was showing his true self, and yeah that's gross haha.
The story moves quickly, a bit too quickly in the beginning for me, but nonetheless this held my interest. It's quite a silly concept and if you love B movies and getting turned on then this is your book. And oh boy, those scenes ;).....this was the hottest erotic I've ever read, that until my boyfriend gets leave, I've cut myself off from erotics completely. My panties were just dying to be ripped off by my man and....and I'm sure you know what I was hoping for haha. Seriously, this is one hot book! And because of the great detail Mrs. Wade provides for us you totally forget what a freak Leonard truly is.
Though this is just the build up for the rest of the series and with the major cliff hanger at the end, it makes one want to come back to see if Porsche and her friends can ever get their freedom back. Overall this will have you laughing, either on the inside or out, and it’ll have you going wtf. Especially once you meet the crazy mother of Leonard, she makes herself useful with a vibrator and some lubricate. Got you intrigued? Or utterly disturbed yet?

But by the end I promise you, your mind will feel blown and between your legs, you’ll feel quite wet. So if this got you curious like it did me, this short is free on Amazon. I can’t wait to read more series from Mrs. Wade! Well, once my man gets back that is ;)  
3.5 Bats
Gives you a good haunting
Sweet Readings Everybody! ;)

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