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Review: Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries #1) by Melanie James

Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries, #1)
Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries #1) by Melanie James
Publication Date: May 31st, 2014
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Pages: 114
Format: Kindle
Source: Free on Amazon
Read: February 26 to March 2nd, 2015
How does a girl become a witch? By accident, of course!

Leigh Epstein is a grief stricken and lonely elementary school teacher that is devastated by the brutal and unexpected death of her true love at the hands of a careless writer. She overcomes her grief by taking matters in her own hands and takes up a little romance writing to resurrect her vampire-werewolf book-boyfriend. Leigh gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that every steamy erotic scene she creates is magically reenacted by her family, friends and coworkers.

In her hilarious first diary, Leigh unwittingly sets her parents up for a weekend dinner party that they will never forget. She has two weeks to find out what her new found magic is capable of. Can she prevent a wild erotic encounter that could devastate her sweet parent’s marriage? What and who else will get caught up in her magic spells?

Read a story so witchingly fun, that you won’t be able to put it down and you will be eagerly awaiting the rest of the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries!
~My Thoughts~
The cover grabbed my attention, I just love illustrated covers and this one is cute! Then the blurb really pulled my interest, I mean, all us bookworms have been there at some point or another. But then reading some of the reviews got me a little nervous so I just let it sit on my Kindle app for a while. Finally, just going for it because the cover was constantly grabbing my eye whenever I was looking through my kindle books. It's short so why not.
Sadly to say I was quite disappointed. For one, I'm not at all a huge fan of Leigh. She bugged me! She's not a big fan of guys so she's constantly putting them down and saying all guys are the same and nothing like her book boyfriends. Why she disses them I have no idea! We get nothing of her past relationships that might be the reason why she seems hurt and like men are the devil (okay, that might be extreme but yeah). Then she owns a cat named Luna and she's a total bitch to her. Constantly calling the cat a bitch, complaining about her, and think she should go take her back to the shelter. Like, if you didn't want the cat then why did you adopt one?! Seriously this character felt so antisocial that I was surprised that she had any girl friends. And even though she had friends, at the end of the book she was completely selfish! Her friends needed her yet she left them hanging. Seriously! 
Now the plot, it took me a while to get into. Honestly I don't think the story knew where it was going. I felt like it was a bit jumpy. One minute it was about her being excited about the latest release in her favorite paranormal romance series but the death of her book boyfriend leads her to want to write her own story. From the summary I thought she was going to write about the book boyfriend, Vlad, that died in her favorite series but instead she just writes her own steamy scene ideas which leads to them coming true with her loved ones. And then the romance came out of the blue and yeah, it was a bit lame. Their first date, what happened was especially. *Rolls eyes*
I was constantly rolling my eyes! The first thing that happens that is close to resemblance of what she written (like one specific word) she automatically assumes she's a freaking witch. Girl calm the freak down! The friend she called right away I was on her side, she was realistic (sorry, I don't remember which friend it was). She brought Leigh down a notch and said she should do some trial stories to see what happens. I've got to admit some of the stories were funny on how they turned out. This is where I thought the story would turn around and that I thought I finally started to like Leigh. Yeah, that lasted like five seconds.
Overall, this book just wasn't for me and at the end I did kind of feel like I wasted my time, just a pinch. I've never felt that way about a book before! This book has a lot going on but doesn't have a lot going on at the same time too. We don't get a lot of background about Leigh and the things we do know about her goes completely against her character. How can you be an elementary teacher yet diss kids and find them gross. Like seriously, all she does is complain about everything! Except for when she becomes a witch. Honestly I don't like that she automatically assumed she's a witch. Throughout the story I felt like it was only this certain object that had magic but it became more than that, as if the power rubbed off on her. It was a little disappointing, I wished it just stayed within her writing. I think that would have been a lot more cooler and unique.
It will make you shrill
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