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Review: Cold Shadows (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper #2) by J.L Bryan

Cold Shadows (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Book 2)
Cold Shadows (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper #2) by J.L Bryan
Publication Date: November 28th, 2014
Genre: Adult Paranormal
Pages: 179
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
Read: March 6th to 11th, 2015
Footsteps in the attic. Toys that play by themselves. A dark presence in an upstairs room.

Paranormal investigator Ellie Jordan faces a difficult new case. Her new clients are a family haunted by multiple ghosts and a poltergeist that wrecks their home at night. Their seven-year-old son’s invisible friends may not be imaginary at all, but the restless spirits of dead children.

To clear her clients’ house of the dangerous entities, Ellie must unravel the mysterious deaths of another family who lived in the old mansion more than a hundred and sixty years ago—and she must do it before the ghosts can carry out their malevolent designs on her clients and their children.
~My Thoughts~ 
I couldn't wait to fall back into this world and go on ghostly adventures with Ellie! This time around it looks like our ghost hunters are dealing with a family of ghost and they're dangerous. At first the kids may have seemed innocent but they cause just as much trouble as their father. Those ghost children brought chills up my spine, seriously intense when they're trying to convince the little boy they're haunting to kill himself, just as much as their studded belt wielding father did. These ghost are a lot more physical than the group from the first book, a little light can't scare them away.
Ellie dives head first into yet another job and as we get deeper into the mystery we find out it isn't as simple as we thought. I liked the twist that we got, it definitely through me. I just wasn't expecting it and I love that in a mystery!
Cold Shadows hooked me from the beginning, just like the first one did! It's action packed full of ghostly encounters, having me not being able to put the book down! The details are engrossing, bringing the ghost to life and making it feel as if you're being watched! What fun when you're alone and it's dark outside ;). I seriously couldn't get enough of this book and the characters are just as fun, love them! Ellie and Stacey sure can have interesting conversations, they can definitely get me to laugh out loud.
Overall what another fun tale! I can't wait to read the next one! Mr. Bryan sure knows how to make you crave for more! The ending was great, showing that maybe there is light at the end of Ellie's dark tunnel. With more people coming into her life it looks like she'll finally learn how to open up. I just couldn't give this a five because I'm just dying to get more into Ellie's head! Hopefully we'll finally get that in the next one!
Will disturb your being
~Sequel To~
Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper (Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper #1)
Sweet Readings Everybody!
*Got a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest review, this in no way affected my opinion on it*

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